8 questions to learn about impact crushers

The impact crusher is an important machine in the production of artificial sand. Careful readers will find that in the last article about the production process of artificial sand, we mentioned the impact crusher. Why do we come up with it separately? It is because, unlike the general crusher, the impact crusher is more special, so let’s take a look at this special impact crusher.

A photo of an impact crusher

What is an impact crusher?

Impact crusher, referred to as impact crusher, also known as sand making machine, is a popular impact crusher with high efficiency and low energy consumption on the market. Because of the particularity of its work, it plays an irreplaceable role in crushing all kinds of fine ore, and is the most effective and reliable crusher in sand making. It is mainly composed of 7 parts: feeding bin, distributor, turbine crushing cavity, impeller, main shaft assembly, base transmission device and motor.

How does an impact crusher work?

A photo of an impact crusher at work

The working principle of the impact type is that the stone falls directly into the high-speed rotating turntable from the top of the machine, and under the high-speed centrifugal force, it collides with other target stones shunted around the turntable at an umbrella-shaped high speed, thereby performing high-density collision and crushing. After the stones collide with each other, a vortex movement will be formed between the turntable and the shell, which will cause the stones to repeatedly hit, rub, roll, and finally be discharged from the lower part. The size of the discharged particles is controlled by the screening equipment. Those that meet the requirements will be re-exhausted until the size meets the standard.

How many types of impact crushers are there?

Impact crushers include impact crushers and hammer crushers.

The counterattack type is to use the plate hammer on the high-speed rotating rotor to have a high-speed impact on the material fed into the crushing chamber and be crushed. be broken. After that, repeat the movement until the material size is qualified and then discharge.

The hammer type has a structure similar to that of the impact crusher. According to the number of rotors, it can also be divided into two types: single rotor and double rotor. According to the direction in which the rotor is allowed to rotate, the rotor can only rotate in one direction. It is called irreversible type. , the rotor can rotate in both positive and negative directions is called reversible. In addition, according to different structures, it can also be divided into impact hammer crusher, vertical shaft hammer crusher, hammer crusher and ring hammer crusher.

What are the advantages of impact crusher?

High production efficiency, large crushing force and high output
The impact type has high speed and stroke, which effectively improves the passing capacity and rated power of the crusher, greatly improves the production efficiency and output of the equipment, and has strong crushing capacity.

Less consumption of wearing parts, reliable operation and low operating cost
The impact type has reasonable structure, reliable operation and low operating cost. Its parts are protected by wear resistance, which can effectively reduce maintenance costs, improve the service life of parts, and solve the shortcomings of high energy consumption and rapid wear of parts and components. It can be used in large sand and gravel processing plants.

New double rotor impact crusher with high crushing ratio
Since the single-rotor impact crusher limits the feeding particle size, a new type of double-rotor impact crusher has been developed. According to the relationship between the wear and consumption of the hammer head and the linear speed of the rotor, the first rotor can roughen the material at a lower speed. The second rotor crushes the material at a higher speed, which effectively divides the labor and improves the crushing ratio of the equipment.

Comparison of impact crusher and general crusher?

Crusher is mainly divided into primary crushing and fine crushing. The main equipment used are jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, etc. Although these equipments belong to crushers, there are still some gaps. Although the impact crusher is called a crusher, it is essentially a sand making machine and the main equipment for the production of artificial sand. The main differences between them are as follows:

Different concepts
The difference in concept is mainly reflected in the impact type is the sand making equipment, and the crusher is the crushing equipment. After the material is impacted and then screened by the screening equipment, the material that meets the requirements can be directly used as finished sand, while the material processed by the crusher needs to be processed by a sand making machine due to its relatively large particles. It can be used after sieving with vibrating screen.

Different uses
Regarding the difference in use, it is mainly reflected that the impact type is a production equipment for sand making, which can be used for the production of fine crushing of various brittle and hard materials, and the impact type can have both crushing and shaping functions; For crushing, it is mainly used for crushing production of various medium hardness and brittle materials.

Differences in handling materials
Generally speaking, the particle size of the finished material produced by the impact type is uniform and the size is small, while the particle size of the finished material processed by the general crusher is larger; the feed size of the two machines is also different, and the size of the impact type feed is relatively small. Generally, the feed of the crusher is relatively large.

Common maintenance of impact crusher?

First of all, after getting the machine, check the machine in all aspects according to the instruction manual of the machine, pay attention to the loosening of each fixing part, and do not break the flammable and explosive materials; It is necessary to ensure the uniformity of the feeding, and avoid excessive feeding to cause motor load or blockage of the discharge port.

Repair and overhaul the wear and lubrication of the punch press, and conduct regular inspections of each wear-resistant liner, liner, impeller channel liner, circumferential guard and wear-resistant sheet. If any wear is found, it should be repaired immediately, and the damaged Parts are replaced to ensure the normal operation of the machine. At the same time, in the case of ensuring that the machine parts are not damaged, the lubrication of each part should be ensured, which can improve the service life of the parts.

The drive belt should also be checked and maintained, adjusted regularly, and the tension of the vertical drive belt should be properly adjusted so that it can be balanced to a certain extent.

At the same time, during production operations, in case of emergency, the machine must be stopped first for subsequent repair operations, and it is not possible to check the fault while working; irrelevant personnel should stay away from the machine when the machine is working, and the maintenance of the machine must be carried out for a long time. , To use the machine scientifically and rationally, according to the instruction manual of the machine, do not use it at will.

Price of impact crusher?

Since each impact crusher is specially customized to meet customer requirements, even if it is the same type of machine, when it is sold to different customers, the price will be different due to the different requirements of customers, so there is no unified If you want to invest, you can list your own requirements first, you can comment and leave a message, we will help you estimate the price, or go to the official website of other manufacturers to inquire about the price.

How to choose a new impact crusher and a second-hand modified one?

The most important thing is to look at your own needs. If it is just a simple crushing or sand making needs, you can choose a second-hand machine, but if there are some special requirements, or the raw materials are limited to a certain type, it is still It is better to choose a brand new machine. Because although the second-hand machine is cheaper, it is customized for the production needs of others at the time, which may be different from your own needs. Therefore, when your requirements are higher, it is better to be brand new.

Through the introduction of the whole article, have you gained a deeper understanding of impact crushers? Do you want to know more information about other crushers? You can leave a comment, we will reply to your comment, and I hope you can continue to browse other articles on our website.