How to choose a crusher blow bar

Crusher blow bar is the guarantee that the crusher can work normally. A good crusher blow bar can effectively increase the working efficiency of the crusher.

crusher blow bar

What is the material of the crusher blow bar?

crusher blow bar

Crusher blow bar is the main crushing part of the crusher. Because the working conditions of the crusher blow bar are relatively harsh, especially when crushing materials with relatively high hardness and strength, it requires more tough blow bar material. At present, there are three main crusher blow bar materials: high manganese steel, alloy steel and high chromium cast iron.

High manganese steel has a very long history of use, its toughness is very good, and it will also undergo work hardening under strong impact; alloy steel materials have high toughness, low cost, and have the advantages of good wear resistance, but in practical applications Among them, due to its relatively small storage capacity, it cannot meet the needs of the market now; although the service life of high-chromium cast iron is long, its toughness is not good and it is relatively easy to break.

These are the main three types of crusher blow bar materials currently on the market. Although they all have their own advantages, they also have different disadvantages. At the same time, many crusher manufacturers choose new materials to make new attempts.

How to fix the crusher blow bar?

crusher blow bar

Wedge fixed

Wedges are used to fix the blow bar of the crusher on the rotor. Under the action of centrifugal force during work, this fixing method can ensure that the faster the rotor speed, the firmer the blow bar is fixed, and the work is reliable, and the replacement is more convenient. This is a better fixing method for the crusher blow bar at present. The wedge is made of cast steel, which has certain toughness, high strength and hardness, and good machinability.


The crusher blow bar is inserted into the corresponding slot hole of the rotor from the side of the rotor. In order to prevent lateral movement, the two ends are positioned by pressing plates. Because the fastening bolt is removed, the reliability of the blow bar is improved. Utilize the centrifugal inertial force generated when the blow bar rotates and the reaction force when it hits and breaks to fasten and self-lock, and make a replaceable structure for the rotor that is easy to wear, so it is easy to assemble and disassemble, and easy to manufacture.

Platen fixed

The blow bar of the crusher is inserted into the groove of the rotor from the side, and the two ends are pressed by the pressure plate, but the blow bar of this fixing method is not firm enough, and the blow bar is easy to loosen during work, because the manufacturing process of the blow bar is very demanding, and High manganese steel alloy materials are not easy to process.

How to reduce the wear of the crusher blow bar?

crusher blow bar

Use good quality crusher blow hammer

Aiming at the quality problem of the blow bar of the crusher, the blow bar provided by the original manufacturer of the crusher can be used, so that the quality requirements of the blow bar can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.

Ensure good bolt contact

It is necessary to ensure that the contact surface of the bolt round head and the screw hole of the blow bar is in good contact, and at the same time control the thickness of the bolt thread within the allowable size range to avoid stress concentration fracture.

Strengthen the use and maintenance of blow bar

When installing the blow bar, firstly remove the bolt holes of the blow bar and the molding sand and burrs of the cut, so that the close contact becomes flat during the connection; at the same time, when tightening the blow bar bolts, hit the oval head with a hammer while tightening ; In addition, check the fastening of the bolts after working for half an hour, and spot-weld the nuts and screws after tightening to prevent loosening.

Do not exceed machine regulations when supplying materials

Before feeding, you must first carefully read the crushing range of the machine. Because the hardness of the materials crushed by the crusher is different, the materials need to be treated before crushing to reduce the viscosity and water content of the materials, so that the crusher can perform at its best. performance.

How to Lubricate Crusher Blow Bar?

crusher blow bar

Crusher blow bar is composed of many parts, but in the long-term use process, the parts rub against each other and the lubrication ability is reduced, which seriously affects the production capacity of the crusher. Therefore, in the normal use process, the lubrication of the crusher is very important. important link.

First of all, in order to prolong the use time and ensure the normal operation of the machine, lubricating grease should be added on time, usually once every 3 to 5 days.

Secondly, the lubricating grease added to the shell is 50 to 70 of the storage capacity, and it is replaced every 3 to 6 months. When replacing the lubricating grease, carefully clean the track of the roller bearing with clean gasoline or kerosene, and open the Oil drain hole under the case.

In addition, what kind of lubricating grease to choose for the crusher hammer depends on the area where the machine is used and the climatic conditions. In situations where the grease is dry, a thinner oil and grease can be formulated.

Maintenance of crusher blow bar?

crusher blow bar
  • Always check the wear of the crusher blow bar, impact plate, guard plate and rotor or repair the worn parts, and tighten the connecting screws to prevent loosening and falling off
  • Pay attention to whether the materials put into the machine are mixed with metal or other hard objects. If the machine is found to be running abnormally, it must be stopped and checked in time.
  • Balanced feeding to prevent clogging, and it is not allowed to add materials exceeding the specified size
  • When the machine is not completely stopped, it is not allowed to open the fuselage for maintenance
  • After adjusting the crushing gap, turn the rotor to check to avoid the gap being too small
  • After the machine is overhauled or the rotor is disassembled and reassembled, it is necessary to ensure that the rotor rotates flexibly and has a balanced weight. The striking plate should be replaced at the same time, otherwise the weight of the rotor will be unbalanced and the body will vibrate

How to choose a crusher blow bar?

crusher blow bar

Manufacturing process of blow bar

The casting process of the blow bar of the compound crusher is mainly reflected in whether the casting method of the blow bar meets the quality inspection standard, whether the appearance is deformed or uneven, and whether the surface is rough. So before choosing a crusher blow bar, you must first check it out.

Structural design of blow bar

If the structural design of the blow bar is unreasonable, the wear of the blow bar will be accelerated. The blow bar structure produced by a good blow bar manufacturer mostly adopts a composite structure, which is more conducive to the crushing work of the blow bar. Therefore, a reasonable design structure of the blow bar can reduce the wear of the blow bar.

Blow hammer model

There are three types of composite blow bars, mainly light blow bars, medium blow bars and heavy blow bars. These three kinds of blow bars are mainly divided according to the weight of the blow bar. The selection of the blow bar should be based on the actual crusher model.

Famous blow bar brand

You can choose a relatively well-known crusher blow bar, and a well-known crusher blow bar is more guaranteed in quality.

crusher blow bar

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