What is a compact jaw crusher

The compact jaw crusher is a machine commonly used in the crushing of urban construction waste and the infrastructure construction of urban roads. This article mainly introduces the application and characteristics of the compact jaw crusher.

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Application of compact jaw crusher?

A photo about the compact jaw crusher

The compact jaw crusher is commonly used in the mining and crushing work of mines, cement, coal and other industries. It can also be used for construction waste, urban road infrastructure and recycling work. The machine adopts a double-layer structure, which is beneficial to fine material screening. The machine can also be equipped with different crushers according to the specific needs of the site, and can be combined with other crushing and screening machines to form a complete mobile crushing and screening system.

What are the performance characteristics of the compact jaw crusher?

A photo about the compact jaw crusher
  • Rugged construction and reliable operation
  • The perfect combination of high performance and transportability
  • It can be used as a crushing unit alone or as a multi-stage work
  • The jaw crusher has high output and is easy to adjust
  • Wide range of options to suit a variety of jobs

How does a compact jaw crusher work?

A photo about the compact jaw crusher

The material is evenly conveyed into the crusher through the feeder. After the primary crushing of the jaw crusher, a circulation system is formed through the vibrating screen to realize the circular crushing of the material. The finished material is transported to the finished product area by the conveyor for continuous crushing. . The jaw crusher can also remove the vibrating screen according to the actual production needs. After realizing the direct primary crushing of the material, it can be used in conjunction with other crushing machines. The overall operation is convenient and flexible.

What are the production advantages of a compact jaw crusher?

A photo about the compact jaw crusher

Environmental friendly. The integrated design of the compact jaw crusher makes the environment of the production process relatively closed. It can also be equipped with a dust removal device to reduce dust flying and be more environmentally friendly.

Integrated design. The compact jaw crusher has a compact structure design, strong machine mobility, small turning radius, small site requirements, and can enter the raw material site to work. For these projects of urban construction waste treatment, the compact jaw crusher is a relatively perfect machine, and it also saves the transportation cost of raw materials.

Easy to move. The compact jaw crusher can move by itself and can be used at any time without the need for vehicle transportation or towing, saving time in transportation and line set-up.

What should be paid attention to when working with a compact jaw crusher?

A photo about the compact jaw crusher

Before the machine is produced, it must be confirmed that the machine is basically level and stable. Working in an unstable or inclined state will increase the wear of the internal parts of the machine and even cause damage to the machine.

It is necessary to confirm that the tooth plates, fixed tooth plates, and lining plates of the compact jaw crusher are in good condition, and there is no foreign matter or accumulated material in the crushing cavity. Check whether the connection of the machine body, positioning with the frame, and the status of the belt drive are normal.

Check whether the liner of the feeder and the grate are in good condition, and check whether the connection of the receiving hopper, the elastic support of the feeder and the relevant working positioning are in normal condition.

Check status of waste conveyor, main belt discharger.

Check the working orientation and connection status of each component.

Check the sealing condition of the lubricating device for oil leakage, whether dust enters, whether the oil quality is good, and whether the amount of lubricating oil is appropriate.

Check the sealing condition of each place, whether there is material leakage or ash leakage, and whether the inspection door and inspection hole are sealed tightly.

Check whether the control devices are in good condition.

Confirm that the power supply voltage of the machine is normal.

Various safety facilities and lighting facilities to ensure machine and personal safety.

Confirm whether the instruments are in good condition and whether the signal is normal.

Confirm whether the position of the circuit switch is in a stable state, and confirm that the metal part of the body is reliably grounded.

Confirm the condition of the material to be crushed, material particle size, moisture content, sundries, storage capacity.

In order to maximize the efficiency of the machine, the soil content in the material should be controlled below 5%, and the moisture content should be below 10%.

Confirm the feeding situation, feeding method and feeding capacity of the materials to be crushed.

Implement the transshipment situation, transshipment mode and transshipment capacity of finished materials.

Maintenance of compact jaw crusher?

A photo about the compact jaw crusher

Regularly check machine failures

Regularly check the wear of the internal parts of the compact jaw crusher, such as the wear of the central feeding pipe, cone cap, impeller upper and lower flow channel liners, circumferential guards, and jaws. Serious wear and tear should be repaired or replaced in time, and the weight, model and size of the replacement parts should be replaced according to the original part parameters.

When the machine is in operation, always pay attention to the noise and vibration of the machine. When there is excessive noise or vibration, stop the machine immediately for inspection. After troubleshooting, restart without load according to the starting sequence. Also pay attention to the quality and yield of the product. When the quality and yield are not normal, there may be clogging of the crusher or screening machine or damage to the screen surface. If this happens, stop the machine for maintenance in time.

Do a good job of lubrication

The machine should be lubricated as required, and the small and medium-sized machines are mainly lubricated with grease and oil on a regular basis. Always pay attention to and do a good job of lubricating the friction surface in time, and the lubricating oil used should be determined according to the location and temperature conditions of use. Generally, calcium-based, sodium-based and calcium-sodium machine lubricating oils are used.

When adding lubricating oil, clean the raceway of the roller bearing with clean gasoline or kerosene before adding it. The lubricating oil added to the bearing seat should be about 50% of its space volume, and it should be replaced every 3 to 6 months, which not only ensures the normal operation of the machine but also prolongs the service life.

Keep the machine clean

Always keep the compact jaw crusher clean, so that there is no dust, no oil, no oil leakage, no water leakage, no electricity leakage, no dust leakage, and more attention should be paid to prevent dust and other debris from entering the lubrication system and lubrication parts. Because these sundries will not only destroy the lubricating oil film, but also cause the machine to lose lubrication and increase wear, shortening the service life of the machine.

Especially pay attention to the regular cleaning of the bearings, After the crusher has been working for 2000 hours, open the main shaft assembly to the bearings Carry out cleaning, and generally replace new bearings after 7200 hours of work.

A photo about the compact jaw crusher

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