3 Types of Concrete Mixing Plant Failure and Methods

What is the most dreaded problem encountered during the concrete pouring process? Of course, it is the concrete mixing plant failure that leads to downtime. The mixer truck, pump truck, and construction site can only stop work at this time and wait for the mixing plant to resume production.

Therefore, to ensure a normal supply of concrete, it is necessary to do a good job of daily handling of common concrete mixing plant failure. It is important to reduce the failure rate of the equipment as well as to reduce the repair time. Today we will talk about these issues.

Concrete mixing plant failure of electrical class

There is usually an obvious failure phenomenon for electrical faults. For example, if the thermal relay of a certain motor trip, then the motor must be unable to rotate and some kind of raw material naturally cannot be fed. So, when you encounter this kind of problem, just go directly to the electric control cabinet to find the relay circuit that controls it.

Concrete Mixing Plant Failure

Generally speaking, when encountering an electrical failure, the first thing is to observe whether the circuit is connected or not, and that is to use a multimeter to directly measure whether the circuit’s voltage is normal. Most of the time, electrical failures are caused by damage to a component. Therefore, for the high-frequency operation of the thermal relay, the intermediate relay and other spare parts should be left in reserve.

Strong electrical problems can be solved, but we are afraid of some weak electrical problems. For example, for the failure of the load cell, unloading door sensor, digital weight transmitter, and other components, it is sometimes difficult to find out the problem by measuring its current and voltage changes. At this time the fastest way to solve the problem is to adopt the substitution method, which directly uses new parts of the same type to replace them and see if the fault is solved. If the fault is gone, it also means that the fault is eliminated.

So, for electrical problems, the first is to measure, followed by the replacement method to replace the new parts on. After these two steps, the electrical problems can generally be solved.

Concrete mixing plant failure of mechanical class

When mechanical failure occurs, there are also very obvious failure phenomena. For example, the failure to open the lower material door of the aggregate bin, the failure to open the discharge door of the main mixing machine, the belt runaway, and the abnormal wear and tear of the wearing parts can be classified as mechanical failure.

Mechanical failures are generally easier to handle. For example, if the discharge door cannot be opened, it is because the foreign body is stuck or the air pressure of the cylinder is not enough. Belt deflection is due to loose roller support or roller deflection. The wearing parts are seriously worn out because they have not been replaced for a long time, or because of the action of other external forces, etc. 

The first thing is to determine the cause of the failure by observation. Then according to its cause, take the appropriate treatment. Whether to repair or replace depends on the situation.

For a mixing plant that works normally, a comprehensive inspection needs to be done every day. Especially for these mechanical parts. Check the wear and tear, whether the normal work, and so on. For wear and tear parts, to be replaced regularly, or according to the length of time used. This includes the liner, blades, conveyor belt, rollers, host belt, scraper, etc. inside the mixing machine. These need to be stocked as common accessories.

Concrete mixing plant failure of the air circuit

Many of the actuating components of a mixing plant rely on air pressure to perform their work. This includes the aggregate door cylinder, the water weighing door, the admixture weighing door, the bin door of the intermediate aggregate bin, etc. If the air pressure provided by the air circuit is insufficient or non-existent, these components will not work properly.

Generally speaking, the common failure of the air circuit is the problem of insufficient air pressure. The causes of this problem are: there is a leak in the airline, the air compressor head being worn out, or the head not working properly due to a loose air compressor belt.

By listening to the sound of pressure relief, we can quickly determine whether there is any air leakage in the air circuit. The air compressor needs to change the oil regularly to ensure the normal lubrication of the head. At the same time, for the oil misters of the air circuit system, it is also necessary to add lubricant in time to ensure the normal lubrication of the cylinder piston and prolong its service life. There is a water discharge port under the gas storage tank, after the end of work every day, you need to open the valve to drain the condensate under the tank.

The above is only an analysis of the total failure of the mixing plant. In the actual production process, there are definitely more problems than this. However, according to personal experience, the failure phenomenon may not be the same. But the idea of dealing with the problem is certainly similar. Together with the experience accumulated daily, it should not be difficult to solve the failures quickly.

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