Talking about Frost Resistant Concrete

Frost resistant concrete refers to the structural design that requires concrete to have the durability to resist freeze-thaw cycles for a long period of time, i.e., to meet the frost resistance level specified in the structural design. When frost-resistant concrete is placed in a winter environment, technical measures for winter construction must also be taken. … Read more

4 Factors Affecting Autogenous Shrinkage of Concrete

The autogenous shrinkage of concrete is the chemical processes of Portland cement hydration lead to a type of shrinkage, which is observed in sealed specimens, i.e., at no moisture loss. Factors affecting the autogenous shrinkage of concrete are mainly cement, mineral admixtures, water-cement ratio, and aggregates. The nature of cement affecting the autogenous shrinkage of … Read more

Introduction to 5 Kinds of Prefabricated Concrete Building

The prefabricated concrete building was of interest in the early 20th century and was finally realized in the 1960s. Countries such as England, France, and the Soviet Union made the first attempts. Because of the speed of construction and the low production cost of prefabricated concrete buildings, they quickly spread worldwide. The early prefabricated concrete … Read more