The importance of cone crusher parts

Cone crusher is a kind of machinery and equipment used a lot in the mine crushing industry, and it can be seen in many mines. Its working stability and service life are closely related to its related supporting parts. When all parts are normal, the work of the cone crusher is stable and excellent, but when the parts are damaged, it will have an adverse effect on the work of the entire machine, so it is very important to repair and replace the parts.

A picture of a cone crusher

What are the parts of cone crusher?

The cone crusher is assembled from many parts. The main parts are the feed inlet, frame, drive shaft, eccentric sleeve, spherical bearing, crushing cone, adjustment device, adjustment sleeve, spring and discharge opening. Although there are many models of cone crushers, their main components are similar, and they are all composed of these components.

What causes the wear of cone crusher parts?

A picture of cone crusher parts

There are two main aspects of the wear of cone crusher parts, one is the natural wear of the machine, which is inevitable, and the other is caused by man-made or unreasonable machine design.

Natural wear usually refers to the changes in the geometry and dimensional structure of cone crusher parts caused by friction between parts of the machine during normal use and operation of the machine. This wear is usually very slow and harmless over a short period of time. However, as the cone crusher parts wear out, the gap between the parts increases. After a long time of wear, the original parts cannot be closely matched, which will seriously affect the production efficiency of the crusher, and even destroy the crusher.

Another kind of wear is mainly due to the unreasonable structure of the machine itself, the poor quality of materials used in individual cone crusher parts, or the substandard manufacturing quality of some cone crusher parts, as well as damage caused by incorrect installation and machine operation errors. Such wear and tear of parts are all human errors and can be avoided as much as possible. Even if they occur, they should be changed in time to reduce unnecessary losses.

A picture of cone crusher parts

Only by knowing the reasons for the wear and tear of the cone crusher parts, can the problems be solved from the source and the losses caused by these problems can be reduced, thereby increasing the output of the crusher and increasing the revenue.

The role of these vulnerable parts of cone crusher?

The frosted wall and the crushing wall are the parts of the cone crusher that directly contact the material, and they are also the main wear-resistant parts of the cone crusher. When the machine is working, the crushing wall will make a conical motion, sometimes close to the frosted wall, sometimes away from the frosted wall. After the material is squeezed and impacted by the crushing wall and the frosted wall for many times, it will be broken and then discharged from the discharge port.

The frosted wall can be replaced directly. Rotate the adjusting screw sleeve installed on the rack, remove the upper chamber hopper assembly, hoist the adjusting screw sleeve with hoisting equipment, remove the adjusting screw sleeve support plate bolts, remove the frosted wall and replace it, assemble and clean On the outer surface, adjust the thread of the screw sleeve and apply lubricating oil on the surface, and then re-install and fix it in sequence.

A perspective view of the working of a cone crusher

If the lower part of the main shaft and the conical bushing are heavily worn and the upper part is lighter, the swing cone will be slightly unstable, which will make the crusher unable to work normally. If the spindle contacts the tapered bushing at the lower end, the tapered bushing will crack and be damaged. Due to the fast speed of the outer ring, the wear will also be higher than that of the inner ring block. If the eccentric bushing is inclined, the wear of the outer ring will also be aggravated.

When the crusher is working, the gears move around the crusher in a circular motion. If the gap between the bushings is relatively large, the gears will generate additional vibration and wear during the movement process, thereby shortening the service life of the gears, the frame and the frame. The wear of the spherical bearing is also a process of gradual development from the outer ring to the inner ring. If you do not pay attention, the swing cone will be unstable, thus affecting the normal operation of the crusher.

When removing the shaft sleeve, the first choice is to separate the shaft sleeve cutting ring, this is to prevent damage to the spindle, and then remove the shaft sleeve by turning the iron bar counterclockwise. The tapered sleeve should also be checked and replaced regularly. The replacement cycle should be determined according to the hardness of material processing and daily working time. When replacing, in order to prevent the bushing from rotating, zinc alloy should be added, and there should be no space between the tapered sleeve and the eccentric shaft. gap.

How to solve the frequent replacement of cone crusher parts?

A picture of cone crusher parts

First of all, it is necessary to reduce the damage of impurities to the parts of the cone crusher. When there are too many impurities in the crushing cavity, they will be stuck under the crushing cavity and cannot be discharged in time, which will cause the crusher to stop running. The general method is to clean the ore in the crushing chamber first, and then use gas cutting to cut the stuck impurities into small pieces, but this method is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and because the operating space is small, the operation is difficult, and the safety is difficult to guarantee.

However, the hydraulic cone crusher improves this problem. When there are impurities in the crusher, the hydraulic system will automatically release the oil in the hydraulic cylinder to make the moving cone fall, and then inject it into the hydraulic cylinder to make the moving cone rise. The movable cone can move up and down, and the impurities in the crushing cavity can be discharged. This method does not require auxiliary tools and manual operations, which reduces consumption.

In addition, the stress of crusher parts should be improved. The vertical component force in the production of the cone crusher is mainly borne by the beam through the suspension device, so in the actual use process, the beam of the crusher will crack, and it is difficult to repair.

And the hydraulic cone crusher has a set of hydraulic devices on the base, There is a friction disc on the plunger of the hydraulic cylinder to support the main shaft of the cone; so the self-weight of the moving cone and the vertical component of the crushing ore are all borne by the hydraulic cylinder, which reduces the force on the beam and prolongs the service life of the beam.

Cone crusher parts replacement steps?

A picture of cone crusher parts

For cone crusher parts, there are many ways to replace them. The main ones are summarized as follows for your reference:

  • When the crusher is working, the ore must be distributed in the middle of the disc, which is to prevent the crusher from overloading and causing uneven wear of the lining plate.
  • The maximum feeding size is more than 85%. If it is too small, not only the output will be reduced, but also the parts of the cone crusher will be damaged.
  • Do not let the machine load start to avoid accidents.
  • When stopping the machine, stop feeding the ore first, and stop the machine when the ore in the crusher has been discharged.
  • When the machine is working, the pressure of the locking system and the working condition of the hydraulic station should be checked frequently, and problems should be dealt with in time.
  • rolling mortar wall should be replaced in time, and it should be checked for looseness in time after working for a period of time.
  • After the broken wall is replaced, check whether it is loose after 6-8 hours of operation. If it is loose, it should be reinforced in time.
  • Because friction will cause the disc to wear, and then affect the change of the gear gap, in order to prevent this change, a shim should be added at the bottom, and the thickness should be similar to the wear amount of the disc.
  • When installing the bowl bearing, be careful not to damage the oil baffle ring with the wire rope, and fix the bowl bearing frame and the frame body with keys (pins).
  • The taper sleeve and the hollow eccentric shaft should be tightly fitted, and zinc alloy should be injected to prevent the taper sleeve from rotating. The zinc alloy should fill all the gaps. Due to the hot-injected zinc alloy, the taper sleeve may be deformed. If it is correct, it should be corrected in time. When manufacturing spare parts, it should be prepared according to the actual size of the inner diameter of the eccentric sleeve to maintain the original fit.
  • The function of the spring is to protect the crusher from being damaged when the crusher enters the unbreakable object, so the pressure of the spring is adapted to the crushing force of the crusher. When the crusher is overloaded by falling into the iron block, the support sleeve is lifted up and the spring is compressed.
  • The exposed rotating part of the machine should be protected by a protective cover.
A picture of cone crusher parts

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