Crusher backing: 6 points to help you understand

The backing of the crusher is the guarantee for the normal operation of the crusher. A good backing of the crusher can be used as a reinforcement layer between the vulnerable parts of the crusher, and it can act as a shock absorber when the crusher is impacted and impacted. The role of the crusher can improve the rigidity of the crusher and increase the service life of the crusher.

A photo of the crusher backing

What is a Crusher Backing?

A photo of the crusher backing

Crusher backing is the structural reinforcing fill between the crushing wall and the outer interlayer only in a variety of rock crushing machines such as cone crushers, gyratory crushers and ball mills. It is used as the liner and reinforcement layer between the vulnerable parts of the crusher.

It can act as a shock absorber when subjected to impact and impact load, improve the rigidity of the equipment, reduce the deformation of the liner when it is under pressure, and make the crushing particle size more uniform. , when the equipment is impacted by crushed ore, it is used as a buffer material to reduce the impact and vibration caused by work, avoid uneven wear on the liner, and prolong the service life of the crushing equipment.

Type of crusher backing?

A photo of the crusher backing

Crusher backing is divided into traditional high-temperature zinc alloy casting or normal temperature high-grade cement mortar casting, as well as a new type of epoxy resin crusher backing.

However, when the traditional high-temperature zinc alloy pouring or normal-temperature high-grade cement mortar pouring the crusher backing fills the gap between the crusher cone, the fixed cone and the liner, these two filling methods have cumbersome procedures in the pouring process. , high risk factor, high labor intensity, long operation cycle, serious pollution, these insurmountable shortcomings.

The new epoxy resin crusher backing is different. Compared with the traditional crusher backing, the epoxy resin crusher backing solves the shortcomings of the traditional crusher backing, such as high risk factor and long operation period, and does not require any Heating equipment. This greatly shortens the maintenance and replacement time of the crusher backing and increases production efficiency.

Features of Crusher Backing?

A photo of the crusher backing
  • Epoxy resin backing glue includes A (resin) and B (curing agent) two groups, with high cured content and no volatile substances such as solvents
  • Can be mixed at room temperature, good fluidity, strong filling, easy to operate
  • After curing, the shrinkage rate is low, the adhesion is good, the bearing capacity is high, and it can be disassembled
  • Fast curing at room temperature, short equipment installation cycle, high compressive strength
  • No gap filling and bonding, can effectively support the liner and the body after curing

What is the use process of the crusher backing?

A photo of the crusher backing

Remove the residual filling material on the inner wall of the crusher cone and liner, such as oil or dirt that touches the back of the new crusher, and can be wiped clean with solvent materials such as industrial alcohol.

Install the cone and liner of the crusher, and seal the gap and ring hole on the joint surface of the cone and liner with adhesive tape or sealing tape to prevent glue leakage. If necessary, protect the thread on the shaft to Prevent dripping glue.

The optimum operating temperature for the backing of the epoxy resin crusher is 20°C to 30°C. It is best to preheat the epoxy resin crusher board hammer in an environment above 20°C one day before working in winter, or put A Groups are individually heated to 50°C to reduce viscosity for easy pouring.

Glue dispensing process: Open the packaging barrel of group A, and stir up and down with a hand-held electric mixer for about 3 minutes, and mix group A and B according to the weight ratio of 4:1, and pour when the color of the A and B mixture is consistent.

Pouring process: After the AB glue is mixed evenly, it should be poured immediately, and the mixed glue solution should be injected along the gap between the cone and the liner, so as to discharge the air mixed in the cavity and avoid the hollow situation. When necessary, iron sheet or cardboard can be rolled into a funnel to guide the injection. It is strictly forbidden to pour the unmixed glue into the interlayer of the liner.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a crusher backing?

A photo of the crusher backing
  • Choose products from regular manufacturers, so that the quality is guaranteed and there is no problem after sale
  • Choose a new type of epoxy resin product, which can improve the service life of the liner
  • When replacing the liner, clean up the original residual leakage in the cone
  • To match the glue strictly according to the requirements
  • To avoid construction in hot weather
  • Wait until the glue is completely solidified before transferring equipment

What should I pay attention to when using crusher backing?

A photo of the crusher backing

If there is precipitation in group A, it can be stirred evenly in the original package before use, so that it will not affect the use

When using, try to carry out construction at 5 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius, and try not to construct when the cone is lower than 5 degrees Celsius or higher than 30 degrees Celsius

When the temperature is low in winter, heating equipment can be used to locally heat the pouring part to shorten the curing time of the glue. If the temperature is too low, the operation time will be prolonged, and the viscosity is high and difficult to pour. stirring after heating

If the temperature is too high, the operation time will be reduced, and the pouring time is short. When the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, the backing glue of the crusher should be used within 15 minutes.

A photo of the crusher backing

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