How to solve the fault of crusher screen mesh

The crusher screen mesh is the guarantee to determine the size of the crusher material, and it is a very important part of the crusher. This article mainly introduces the crusher screen mesh.

crusher screen mesh

What conditions should a qualified crusher screen mesh?

crusher screen mesh
  • The material must be a special wear-resistant steel wire. In terms of material processing, the processing process requires ensuring that the material has the uniformity of the fine structure as much as possible, and the heat treatment requires meeting special requirements to ensure that the material has high strength, good torsion value and fatigue resistance after processing. Of course, the manufacturing cost will be relatively high. high
  • The weaving form is reasonable, and the process must ensure that the steel wire is tightly woven and must not be loose.
  • Dimensions and wrapping shapes must be correctly matched with the tension plate and screen frame on the machine
  • The crusher screen mesh should be flat and parallel to the opposite sides
  • The form of wrapping is reasonable, which is conducive to the tension of the crusher screen mesh

Factors affecting the service life of the crusher screen mesh?

crusher screen mesh

There are two main factors affecting the service life of the crusher screen mesh, one is internal factors and the other is external factors.

The internal factors mainly include: material factors, process factors and deep processing or post-processing factors.

Material factors: It should conform to the actual working environment. The characteristics of the material, such as hardness, surface edge size, roughness, water content, whether it is sticky, and the size of soil content, should be selected for crushing screen materials with suitable material properties. .

Process factor: mainly depends on the refinement and standardization of production equipment.

Deep processing and subsequent processing: Related to this factor is the processing procedure of the crusher screen mesh and the compliance of subsequent use.

External factors mainly include: material hardness and cross-sectional characteristics, equipment type, ore passing or processing volume per unit time, installation conditions, etc.

Material hardness and section characteristics: Common materials include basalt, granite, and pebbles with higher hardness; limestone and coal gangue with lower hardness. The higher the hardness of the material, the shorter the use time of the screen and related consumables. The cross-section of the material, such as sharp corners or pockmarked cross-section, will also affect the service life of the screen.

Equipment type: Different crushers have different production power, large and small, so the service life of their crushing screens is also different.

Installation of crusher screen mesh: The basic requirements for the installation of crushing screen are paving, tensioning and fixing firmly. Relative to the bottom of each layer of screen, try to use buffer rubber strips to reduce the impact and wear of the screen frame on the screen.

What are the factors for the blockage of the crusher screen mesh?

crusher screen mesh

Stone shape

In crushed stone production, the content of needle-like flake stones should be as low as possible to prevent the occurrence of clogging of crusher screen mesh. Generally, secondary crushing is used for crushing, and jaw crushers are generally used for primary crushing. The crushing principle is extrusion crushing, which is easy to produce flake stones.

The second time is generally an impact crusher, and its crushing principle is impact crushing. If the size of the stone crushed by the jaw crusher for the first time is too small, more flake materials will be produced. Therefore, in order to reduce the proportion of needle flake stones, the size of the first crushing should not be too small.

Matching of screen mesh and steel wire diameter

Practice has proved that with the same mesh, too thick steel wire will cause a significant increase in the probability of hole blocking.

Mesh shape

The crushing screen generally adopts square holes, and the small mesh adopts anti-blocking mesh. If the hole is really blocked, rectangular holes can also be used without affecting the particle size of the stone. However, considering the service cycle, attention must be paid to the direction of the mesh, otherwise it will affect the service cycle of the crusher screen mesh.

Reasonably adjust the tension of the crushing screen

Reasonable adjustment of the tension of the crushing screen is an effective method to reduce the blocking of the crushing screen. Reasonable tension makes the crushing screen and the supporting beam produce a slight secondary vibration, thereby effectively reducing the occurrence of plugging. The specific method is to make the tensioning hook into a constant force tensioning mechanism, which is to install a spring on the tensioning bolt.

How to replace the crusher screen mesh?

crusher screen mesh

Lay the crusher screen mesh flat on the lower pressing circle, and then stretch the screen flat on the lower pressing circle with the tight mesh circle. After the lower pressure ring and the special screen mesh of the grading sieve are symmetrically and evenly bolted together, they are pressed tightly on the upper pressure ring. In the process of locking the screen on the pressing ring, it is necessary to master the tightness of the crusher screen mesh, too tight or too loose will have a bad effect.

Crusher screen mesh other faults?

crusher screen mesh

The steel wire of the crusher screen mesh is broken in a straight line at the pressing plate

Cause of issue:

Tension bolt loose

Crusher screen mesh is too long

Part of the supporting beam is desoldered or deformed

Tension plate wear

Two crushing screens installed on one tensioning plate

Elimination method:

Tighten the bolts

Re-determine the length of the crushing screen

All-position welded support beams

Replace tension plate

The length of the crushing screen is matched with the tension plate

Low sieve rate

Cause of issue:

The opening rate of the crusher screen mesh is low

Elimination method:

Re-select the wire matching of the crusher screen mesh

Seriously blocked

Cause of issue:

There are too many needle-shaped stone particles

The steel wire of the crusher screen mesh is too thick

There are more critical particles between the stone and the mesh

Elimination method:

Change the way of stone crushing

Reasonable matching of mesh steel wire

Change mesh form

Hemming straightened and angled deformed

Cause of issue:

Tensioning hook angle is not enough to cause tensioning hook deformation

The tensioning position is not in place, and the point of force is not accurate

Elimination method:

Replace tension hook

Pay attention to the correct installation, the force point of the tension hook is required to be at the bottom of the crusher screen mesh hook

Severe wear in the middle of the crusher screen mesh

Cause of issue:

Material diversion is unfavorable or the middle of the crusher screen mesh sinks

Elimination method:

Improve the diversion capacity or raise the middle of the crushing screen into an upward arc

crusher screen mesh

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