Functions of Dolomite Gravel

Dolomite gravel has always been a popular material in decoration and architectural decoration. It appears in many corners of people’s daily life, such as the white stone pavement in the park or the white paint applied to the wall during home decoration. Many people should have seen , but many of them may not know the name, or know the name but have no way to correspond to the real thing. Now let us show you what dolomite gravel is.

A photo of dolomite gravel


What is Dolomite Gravel?

A photo of dolomite gravel

Dolomite gravel is a common ore, which is the main component of dolomite sedimentary rock and dolomite marble metamorphic rock. Limestone containing dolomite gravel is called dolomite limestone. Rarely found in modern sedimentary environments, but frequently encountered in the rock record. The mineral is still widely distributed on Earth, from a few hundred to several thousand feet thick, but it is usually associated with barite, pyrite, galena, or something else.

Basic properties and identification of dolomite gravel?

A photo of dolomite gravel

Dolomite gravel is often associated with calcite and magnesite. These three kinds of ores are similar in structure and belong to calcite type, with very similar properties and colors, but there is no way to distinguish them simply by eye, and some scientific methods are needed. Just do it.

The hydrochloric acid method is a simple method to identify it from calcite and magnesite. It is to drop hydrochloric acid of different concentrations and temperatures on the surface of the ore, and observe the foaming situation on the surface of the ore, so as to distinguish it.

This is because although dolomite gravel, calcite and magnesite are all carbonate minerals, their chemical structures are different after all, so in the face of different temperatures and different concentrations of hydrochloric acid, the time and reaction time of the bubbles generated will be different. The intensity is also different, so that it can be easily distinguished.

Where are the origins of dolomite gravel?

A photo of dolomite gravel

This is a common ore, so its distribution range is very wide, but although the distribution is wide, not every area where ore is found can be mined. Some are to protect the environment, and some are not suitable for production because the difficulty and cost of mining are too high.

Some of the more famous origins in the world are: southern Tyrol and Binnanso in Switzerland, Piedmont in Italy, Fosella in northern England, Guanajuato in Mexico, Gaplin, Missouri in the United States, Yilan County, Hualien County, Taiwan Province of China. These are the more famous production areas in the world, you can pay attention to them if you need to.

What are the uses of dolomite?

A photo of dolomite gravel

Dolomite gravel can be used as refractory inner layer of reformer used in steelmaking, cement raw material, glass solvent, fertilizer, stone for construction and decoration, paint, pesticide and medicine. At the same time, it can also be applied to building materials, ceramics, glass and refractory materials, and also has many functions in the fields of chemical industry, agricultural environmental protection and energy saving.

The production line and process flow of dolomite gravel?

The production line equipment of dolomite gravel is relatively conventional, similar to the sand making equipment introduced before, including jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, and belt conveyor. These devices have been introduced before, and those who are interested can read our previous articles.

Like ordinary sand making, it is also coarsely crushed first, that is, the newly mined stone is crushed by jaw crusher first, and then the crushed material is then crushed by cone crusher or impact crusher for medium and fine crushing. , and finally, the finished products that meet the requirements are screened out by the vibrating screen and placed in the finished product warehouse.

The price of dolomite gravel?

Although the price of dolomite gravel will change with market fluctuations, there is still a range in general, which will not exceed too much, generally tens to hundreds of dollars per ton; at the same time, this The price is also related to the size of the dolomite gravel, and the price of different particle sizes will also vary.

A photo of dolomite gravel

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