What kind of machine is a double roll crusher?

The double roll crusher is an essential equipment in major sand and gravel factories, and is often used in sand and gravel production lines and sand production lines. Double roll crusher is a kind of equipment often used in various metal, non-metal, chemical, coal, electric power industries. Compared with other crushers, the double roll crusher has ideal crushing effect, high efficiency and low investment cost, low moisture requirements for crushed materials, no blocking and non-sticking, low noise during operation, no vibration, no dust, no failure, less wear, and saving. The advantages of occupying space and easy maintenance.

A photo of a double roll crusher


What is a double roll crusher?

A photo of a double roll crusher

Double roll crusher is a crushing equipment with strong crushing capacity, high crushing efficiency and suitable for medium and high hardness materials. The surfaces of the two rollers are covered with tooth structure, which are driven by motors and are equipped with double-toothed rollers. Between the two toothed rolls, it is crushed to the desired size by crushing methods such as splitting, folding and beating. In addition, the double roll crusher is a horizontal structure, with a small footprint, a high degree of automation, and good safety.

The double rolls of the double roll crusher adopt advanced composite casting technology and are cast with high-chromium cast iron with good wear resistance, which is a combination of steel and iron. With good wear resistance, impact resistance and safety and reliability, it is widely welcomed and loved by the market. The size of the twin roll crusher is closely related to the production capacity.

The production capacity of small double roll crusher is about 8 to 100 tons per hour, and the production capacity of large ones can reach about 300 tons per hour. Users can choose the machine that suits them to purchase according to their own needs.

How does a double roll crusher work?

A photo of a double roll crusher

When the machine is working, the two round rollers rotate towards each other. Due to the friction between the material and the rollers, the incoming material is rolled into the crushing cavity formed by the two rollers and crushed. The broken product is discharged from the gap between the two rollers under the action of gravity. The size of the gap determines the maximum particle size of the crushed product, and the double roll crusher is usually used for medium and fine crushing of materials.

Adjustment of the discharge particle size of the double roll crusher:

A wedge-shaped or shim adjustment device is installed between the two rollers, and the top of the wedge-shaped device is equipped with an adjustment bolt. When the adjustment bolt pulls the wedge up, the wedge pushes the movable roller away from the fixed wheel, so that the two rollers The larger the gap, the larger the discharging granularity. When the wedge goes down, under the action of the compression spring, the gap between the two wheels becomes smaller, and the discharging granularity becomes smaller.

The gasket device adjusts the size of the discharge particle size by increasing or decreasing the number or thickness of the gasket. When the gasket increases, the gap between the two rollers becomes larger, and when the gasket is reduced, the gap between the two rollers becomes smaller, and the discharge particle size changes. Small.

Driving equipment of double roll crusher:

The driving mechanism is driven by two motors, which are driven by the V-belt to the sheave to drag the roller, and rotate according to the relative direction. When the material is crushed, the material passes through the roller from the feeding port, and is crushed by rolling, and the crushed product is discharged from the bottom of the chassis.

At the same time, in order to consider safety, the transmission part should be installed with safety devices according to the actual situation.

Installation of double roll crusher?

A photo of a double roll crusher

The double roll crusher can not be placed in a place that is not ventilated and prone to rust for a long time. The double roll crusher can be installed on the concrete foundation or on the floor of the building. In order to better withstand the uneven force generated by the machine during operation, place wooden strips under the bottom frame to make the whole machine fit with the wooden strips. The number of wooden strips can be found on the layout drawing of the double roll crusher, you can also choose according to the specific situation of the installation.

The rough steps of the machine trial

  • Check the relative position of each part, it should meet the requirements of the drawing
  • After the roller crusher is installed, it will run for 4 hours
  • When the roller crusher is running, the rotating parts such as pulleys, gears and rollers must be stable and free of vibration, and the toothed rollers must not rub against the body. The overall operation process should not have abnormal noises
  • The bearing temperature shall not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature shall not exceed 70 degrees Celsius
  • After the no-load test is qualified, the on-load operation is carried out. During the test, it must be carried out according to the system requirements

Maintenance of double roll crusher?

A photo of a double roll crusher

When the double roll crusher is in operation, it is necessary to carry out normal maintenance on the roll surface frequently. The smooth double roll crusher is sometimes equipped with a grinding wheel on the frame. When the roller surface is ground with pits or grooves, the roller surface can be ground and repaired on the machine without removing the roller surface. The toothed plate or toothed ring of the tooth surface double roller crusher can be replaced or turned around.

When the teeth are worn to a certain extent, they must be replaced or repaired, otherwise the particle size of the broken product will be uneven, power consumption will increase, and production volume will decrease. Some machines are also equipped with a surfacing device, which can be repaired directly on the machine. Some double roll crushers have a moving device that automatically reciprocates the rollers in the axial direction, so that the roller surfaces are evenly worn.

After the roller surface is worn, the width of the discharge opening increases, and the movable roller needs to be adjusted. When adjusting, it is necessary to keep the two rollers parallel to each other to prevent skew.

For double roll crushers using sliding bearings, attention should be paid to the clearance of the roller bearings. The top clearance between the roller bearing bush and the journal is usually 1/10,000 to 1.5 of the journal diameter, and the side clearance of the bearing pad is 1/2 to 1/3 of the top clearance.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the crusher, it is necessary to check the lubrication of the bearing frequently. The sliding bearing is often lubricated with oil cups or artificially injected with thin oil on a regular basis. The rolling bearing should be lubricated and sealed with oil regularly.

The shaft of the crusher bears the full load of the machine, so good lubrication has a great relationship with the bearing life, which directly affects the service life and operation rate of the machine, so the injected lubricating oil must be clean and the seal must be good.

Newly installed tires are prone to loosening and must be checked frequently.

Pay attention to whether all parts of the machine work normally.

Pay attention to check the wear degree of the wear-resistant parts, and pay attention to replacing the worn parts at any time.

The plane of the chassis on which the movable device is placed should be removed from dust to prevent the movable bearing from moving on the chassis when the machine encounters materials that cannot be broken, so as to avoid serious accidents.

If the bearing oil temperature rises, stop the machine immediately and check the cause to eliminate these problems.

When the rotating gear is running, if there is an impact sound, stop the machine immediately and check it.

Operation of double roll crusher?

A photo of a double roll crusher

In order to ensure the maximum output of the double roller crusher, the feeding must be continuously and evenly distributed over the entire length of the rollers. Regularly check whether the discharge port is blocked, and stop feeding before the motor stops working. When the material falls completely, the rollers The motor can only be stopped when it becomes idling.

If the feeding is not uniform along the length of the roller, the roller surface will not only wear quickly, but also wear unevenly at each point, and even annular grooves will appear, which will damage the normal crushing work and the particle size of the crushed products will be uneven.

Therefore, in addition to the double roller crusher used for coarse crushing, the medium and fine crushing double roller crusher is usually equipped with a feeder to ensure that the feeder is continuous and uniform, and the length of the feeder is equal to the length of the rollers, so that the feeding The feeder is uniform along the length of the roller.

Reasonable maintenance and correct operation and use of the roller crusher can ensure long-term continuous work and reduce downtime. Only normal management and daily inspection of the normal working condition of the double roller crusher can prevent failure and ensure its continuous operation.

What are the working advantages of double roll crusher?

A photo of a double roll crusher

The grinding roller adopts cross-distributed teeth, so that the crushing teeth are evenly stressed and the energy consumption of sand making production is reduced.

The structure of large teeth, small rollers, spiral cloth teeth, and multiple crushing discs has a stronger ability to hold large blocks, less repeated crushing, and strong production capacity.

There are crushing helpers under the two grinding rollers to form a three-level crushing process of crushing teeth and crushing helpers, and the discharge particle size can be adjusted to make the particle size uniform after crushing.

The toothed roller has low speed, low wear, low noise, low dust, and the sand making is more environmentally friendly.

The material falls between the two rollers through the feeding port for crushing and crushing. The finished material falls naturally, and the extrusion force is sufficient, so it is suitable for processing materials with relatively high hardness, such as metal ores.

In case of foreign objects, the grinding rollers will automatically retreat under the action of the spring, and the gap between the double rollers will be enlarged to allow foreign objects to pass through and protect the machine from damage.

Although the production capacity of the double-roller crusher is limited, it has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, and coal mining industries. It is very useful for coarse and intermediate crushing of brittle block materials.

Some models of double roll crusher?

A photo of a double roll crusher

Double-roller crusher is a typical roller-type crushing equipment, suitable for various ores and other materials, with large production capacity, which can meet the requirements of modern large-scale industrial production. 400*250, 400*400, 610*400, 750*500, 800*600, 1000*700, 1200*800, 1500*800, 1500*1000, 1800*1000, the feed size is below 50mm, and the discharge size Between 0 and 5 mm, the equipment can handle 2 to 240 tons per hour.

The small double-roll crusher is mainly three models of 400*250, 400*400, 610*400, and the output is about 2 to 20 tons. The fineness of the material can be changed by adjusting the gap between the two rollers. The treated sand has fine particle size, cleanness and few impurities, which can meet the construction sand standards. During production, it has low noise and less dust, and can meet environmental protection standards. The equipment is wear-resistant and has a long service life, which can save costs for users.

Different tooth shapes of double roll crushers and precautions in work?

A photo of a double roll crusher

The tooth shape of the double-roller crusher can be divided into: long tooth, wolf tooth, square wave tooth, sharp wave tooth, oblique square tooth and big wolf tooth. Select the appropriate tooth shape according to different materials, different feeding and discharging particle sizes. A tooth shape suitable for crushing materials can make the double roll crusher more productive and increase production efficiency. There are also different installation methods and different arrangement methods for the toothed rollers, which are suitable for different material operations.

Matters needing attention in the working process of double roll crusher

  • The viscous material is easy to block the crushing space. When dealing with the blockage fault, it must be stopped for processing, and it cannot be processed during operation.
  • When dealing with a large number of large pieces of coal, it should be noted that large pieces of coal are easily squeezed out of the crushing space to prevent injury to people or damage to equipment.
  • After the double-roller crusher runs for a long time, due to the large wear of the toothed roller surface, the coal ore particle size will be too fine. At this time, attention should be paid to adjusting the discharge port or overhauling the equipment.
A photo of a double roll crusher

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