4 Reasons for Low Efficiency of Asphalt Mixing Plant

In asphalt pavement construction, the efficiency of asphalt mixing plant is crucial. An asphalt mixing plant is a key equipment to ensure construction quality and improve efficiency, and it is a critical part of the pavement construction process.

In the construction process, if you encounter low efficiency of asphalt mixing plant and the actual production capacity is much lower than the rated capacity of the equipment, you first need to exclude the design defects of the equipment itself. For example, the dry drum size is small (diameter and length), the burner power is not enough, the screening area is small, the mixing power is small, etc. In addition to the exclusion of the equipment itself, then the following factors need to be considered.


The improper asphalt mix ratio causing low efficiency of asphalt mixing plant

The asphalt mix ratio is divided into target ratio and production ratio. The target mix ratio controls the proportion of sand and gravel cold material delivery, production mix ratio is the design of finished asphalt materials in all types of sand and gravel mixing ratio. The production mix ratio is determined by the laboratory and directly determines the outgoing grading standard of the finished material.

The target mix ratio is set to further ensure the production mix ratio, production can be adjusted according to the actual situation, appropriate adjustment. When the target mix ratio or production mix ratio is not suitable, it causes the stone materials stored in each measurement of the mixing station to be disproportionate, some overflowing materials, some equal materials, cannot be weighed in time, and the mixing cylinder is idle, so that the output is reduced.

Unqualified sand and stone material gradation causing low efficiency of asphalt mixing plant

Each kind of sand and stone material has a grade range. If the incoming material is not strictly controlled and the grade exceeds the range, a large amount of “waste” will be produced, resulting in the measurement bin not being able to measure in time. It not only causes low output, but also wastes a lot of raw materials.

High moisture content of sand and stone materials causing low efficiency of asphalt mixing plant

The production capacity of the drying cylinder of asphalt mixing plant matches with the equipment model accordingly. When the moisture content of sand and stone is too high, the drying capacity decreases. The quantity of sand and stone materials provided to the metering bin to reach the set temperature per unit time will be less, thus reducing the output.

Low fuel combustion value causing low efficiency of asphalt mixing plant

There are certain requirements for the oil used for combustion in asphalt mixing plant. Generally burn diesel, heavy diesel or heavy oil. In construction, some producers burn mixed oil for cheap. This oil has low combustion value and less heat, which seriously affects the heating capacity of the drying cylinder.

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