13 Fair-faced Concrete Advantages

Fair-faced concrete advantages in terms of function are weather resistance, durability, corrosion resistance, pollution resistance, high levelness, beauty, and easy construction; in terms of material, it is very environmentally friendly and economical.

Fair-faced concrete is also known as architectural concrete, exposed concrete, or decorative concrete.

The surface of the building with the application of fair-faced concrete technology has a natural and pure beauty, highlighting the natural representation of the building, making the building reflect a sense of heaviness and softness, which is very much in line with the natural and simple aesthetic concept of modern architecture. This has also become the advantage of the development of fair-faced concrete technology, making the application of fair-faced concrete technology in construction and other industries has been expanding in recent years.

Fair-faced Concrete Advantages
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This article will show you 13 fair-faced concrete advantages.

Fair-faced Concrete Advantages

1. Fair-faced concrete has excellent UV absorption and IR reflection properties. It has a certain heat insulation function. Excellent performance, acid and alkali resistance, and weather resistance can be maintained for more than 20 years.

2. Fair-faced concrete has excellent waterproof performance and self-cleaning. Water can slide off automatically on the surface of the building and will not penetrate into the walls. Hydrocarbon and oil on the surface of the substance catalyzed by light can be oxidized to gas or easy to wipe off.

3. Fair-faced concrete is resistant to wiping and easy to wash, with delicate paint film, long color, and fine bright appearance. Because the molecular diameter of fair-faced concrete is much smaller than mortar particles, pollutant particles will not affect the paint film and will only float on the surface of the paint film. Therefore, it is easy to clean, and the paint film is firm and scrub-resistant.

4. Fair-faced concrete is green and does not contain volatiles, free formaldehyde, heavy metals, and other harmful elements that can degrade the harmful substances in the air, which creates a fresh and pleasant indoor air environment.

5. Precast in the factory, one-time forming. Fair-faced concrete reinforced concrete elements cast and shaped in molds, which can achieve uniform color and have strict dimensional deviations.

6. Fair-faced concrete can perfectly and effectively retain the natural color and texture of the building itself. The appearance is simple, natural, and dignified. The building will not become obsolete with the passage of time, reflecting the beauty of the natural harmony between architecture and people.

7. Because fair-faced concrete is formed once, no other decoration is needed, so the use of paint, finishes and other chemical products is eliminated, which reduces the cost of future maintenance and upkeep. Fair-faced concrete construction is in the form of dry hanging, which is simple and reduces the need for wet work on site and the generation of large amounts of construction waste, which is beneficial to the environment.

8. Fair-faced concrete is mostly precast in factory mode, which provides a stable construction environment, and quality assurance and greatly reduces the total construction period.

9. Pre-painted inorganic panels have excellent durability. The coating is resistant to chemical and acid rain corrosion, can effectively inhibit mold and mildew, and keep the original color for a long time; the inorganic panels treated by water-proof coating have excellent durability. The reasonable design of the dry hanging system avoids corrosion of the pegs and keel and effectively controls the expansion or deformation of the panels.

10. Good mechanical properties and processing performance. High temperature, high pressure, and surface pre-painted sheets are characterized by high hardness, low water absorption, high bending, and folding strength, impact resistance, and scratch resistance. It can be processed with general-purpose machines for cutting, milling, and grooving.

11. Cost-effective. The long service life of fair-faced concrete reduces a lot of maintenance and overhaul costs and low maintenance costs. Its advanced and simple processing method and installation structure make the whole construction process safe and time-saving and greatly improve the working efficiency. Therefore, it is very cost-effective.

12. Excellent environmental protection. The raw materials of the fair-faced concrete pegboard and the process of producing, processing, and painting the panels all meet the ecological and environmental requirements. It effectively uses industrial sub-product resources, which effectively protect natural resources such as soil and minimizes pollution to the environment. 

13. Durability and low maintenance. After installed, the fair-faced concrete pegboard can be maintained for many years without maintenance and has no side effects on the environment. The pegboard does not release any harmful gases or substances even under high temperatures.

Fair-faced Concrete Disadvantages

Although fair-faced concrete advantages are many, its overall design requires a deep understanding of fair-faced concrete to work. And the process of fair-faced concrete is very demanding. The process of construction needs to be strictly managed, and not all concrete teams can pour it out.

1, The process requirements are high, the formwork needs to be customized, and the screw holes all need to be calculated accurately.

2、The raw material requirements of fair-faced concrete are high. Sand, gravel, cement, etc. need to be in the same batch, otherwise, there is easy to have color differences generated.

3、Concrete needs to be configured with self-compacting concrete technology, which cannot be vibrated, or else once the mold runs it has to be started all over again. It requires high requirements for construction workers.

So there is a reason for the high cost of fair-faced concrete, environmental protection also has a cost.

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