How to choose a mobile stone crusher

Mobile stone crusher is a common crushing equipment, and it is also the mainstream equipment on the market.

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What is a mobile stone crusher?

A photo about mobile stone crusher

Mobile stone crusher, also known as mobile crusher, vehicle-mounted mobile crusher, mobile crushing station, compared with the traditional crusher, this new type of mobile crusher, whether in its internal structure or its installation In terms of operation, it has been greatly improved and improved in terms of environmental protection design.

It is precisely because the mobile crusher is more flexible than the traditional crusher, so this new type of crusher is particularly effective in fluid crushing and processing, and is currently the mainstream crushing machine in the market.

What is the main scope of application of the mobile stone crusher?

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The mobile crusher is more suitable for the crushing and processing of materials such as construction waste, marble, granite, pebbles, limestone, and iron ore. The finished materials processed by machines are also widely used in the fields of roads, construction, and building materials.

Advantages of mobile stone crusher?

A photo about mobile stone crusher
  • It is suitable for crushing and screening of various ores, coal, and construction waste, and is mainly used in operations with high mobility and requiring relocation
  • It can be matched with different types of crushing machines to achieve coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing, and sand making, and it is flexible and adaptable.
  • It can work alone or in combination with multiple machines, and can be combined into a flowable crushing production line by itself, which is more efficient and convenient
  • It can go deep into the crushing work site, realize the crushing and transformation of materials on the spot, effectively save the cost of site and material transportation, and reduce the production cost
  • It can be equipped with dust-proof, noise-reducing and spraying devices to meet the green and environmental protection requirements of mobile crushers

What are the classifications of mobile stone crushers?

A photo about mobile stone crusher

According to the different configurations of the crushers, mobile crushers can be divided into mobile jaw crushing stations, mobile cone crushing stations, and mobile impact crushing stations. Choose different combinations for crushing to form a new mobile crusher production line.

According to the different ways of movement, it can be divided into tire-type and crawler-type mobile stone crushers. The former has a small turning radius and is more flexible in switching sites; the latter uses crawlers to walk, and it will not slip on icy roads, and the remote control operation is more advanced. The specific choice should be chosen according to your actual situation.

According to the different power modes, it can be divided into those driven by electricity and those driven by diesel power generation. Usually, most of them choose mobile stone crushers driven by electricity, because the production is convenient and unlimited. However, the use of diesel generators also has its own advantages. In remote areas with power outages or less electricity, the normal operation of the machine can be guaranteed. So the specific choice should be decided according to the actual situation.

Advantages of some of the main mobile stone crushers?

A photo about mobile stone crusher

Advantages of mobile jaw crusher

The structure design is compact, the turning radius is small, it is convenient to enter and exit the work site, and the cost of material transportation is reduced.

The dual-use power system of oil and electricity can be used to ensure the normal operation of the machine under any circumstances.

The materials that can be processed are very wide, such as construction waste, granite, pebbles and other raw ores with different hardness can be crushed.

With a complete noise reduction and dust removal system, the hydraulic pump can be used to spray and reduce dust to meet environmental protection standards.

At the same time, because of the reasonable design and good environmental protection performance of the mobile jaw crusher, its value preservation rate is also particularly high.

Advantages of mobile cone crusher

The working effect is direct and effective, no matter it is a stand-alone work or a joint work, you can complete your own work alone, and the work is efficient.

The machine is matched scientifically and the performance is stable. The machine is equipped with a high-performance cone crusher with high crushing efficiency and reasonable matching of various components.

The machine runs smoothly and is easy to maintain. The machine is easy to operate and maintain, and has good adaptability, safety and reliability to the quantity and abrasiveness of the transported materials, and the integrated unit configuration is also convenient and reasonable for installation and maintenance.

The operation of the machine is environmentally friendly, the vibration of the equipment is small, and the operation noise is small. It is a green and environmentally friendly sandstone production machine.

Advantages of mobile impact crusher

The impact mobile stone crusher adopts hydraulic drive control, which makes the installation and production work of the equipment more stable and flexible.

Strong power performance, environmental protection and energy saving, combined with high-quality driving transmission parts and strong driving force, can realize climbing work under harsh conditions.

The integral frame with higher strength, uniform mass distribution, and compact and reasonable equipment layout make the equipment more flexible and controllable.

It can work alone or be flexibly configured and combined with other machines, and the working position can be adjusted at any time according to the requirements of the site.

How to choose a mobile stone crusher?

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The selection of a mobile crusher should be based on its own production volume requirements and the characteristics of the raw materials it processes. The selected equipment should meet the processing volume requirements of the production line, so as to avoid the stacking problem caused by excess raw materials, and at the same time improve production efficiency. The characteristics of raw materials should also be considered. If the particle size of the feed is uneven, equipment with screening function can be selected.

It should be selected in combination with the use environment and cycle. The mobile crusher is generally used in the open air, so it is necessary to consider the use environment. In cold places, the cold resistance of the equipment must be considered. In addition, the altitude of the location must also be taken into consideration. It is necessary to choose crushing equipment suitable for high altitudes.

Different models of mobile stone crushers also have many different specifications. Therefore, the production costs of rock crushers of different specifications and models are also different. Users should choose the equipment that suits them according to their own investment budget.

A photo about mobile stone crusher

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