Introduction of impact crusher parts

The impact crusher is composed of different impact crusher parts. These impact crusher parts determine the quality of the crusher and the quality of the product. How much do you know about these impact crusher parts? Our last article was about the introduction of hammer crusher parts. We have also introduced other crusher parts before, so now we will also introduce the impact crusher parts.

A photo of impact crusher parts

What are the parts of impact crusher

A photo of impact crusher parts

The main parts of the impact crusher are side guard plate, plate hammer, square steel, impact lining plate and pressing plate.

Side guard

The side guard is an important part of the impact crusher. If the lining is old, the impact resistance of the lining will decrease, which may cause the accident of the lining being knocked down, and also cause the sealing performance of the crusher to decline, resulting in a relatively high impact. large dust. If you want to replace it, you need to open it and put it on the shelf, remove the overhead opening, slotted nuts and bolts that fix the counterattack liner, and then replace it.

Blow hammer

The blow bar is also an important part of the impact crusher. The blow bar is made of high-chromium alloy material and the latest manufacturing technology. It has a special structural design. The finished product is cubic, without tension and cracks, and the particle shape is quite good. It is very reliable and high resistance. Grinding castings. When the plate hammer is worn to a certain extent, it should be adjusted or replaced in time to avoid damage to other components.

If you want to adjust the blow bar, you can open the back cover with the hydraulic flip device, turn the rotor by hand, move the blow bar that needs to be adjusted or replaced to the place that needs to be repaired, and then fix the rotor. Remove the plate hammer positioning parts, push the plate hammer out from the inspection door in the axial direction, or hang it out from the middle of the frame for maintenance.

Square steel

Square steel is generally square, divided into seamed and seamless. The seamed square steel is welded together by steel plates to make a square steel pipe, and the seamless square steel is remanufactured from seamless steel pipes. Its compressive capacity is far greater than that of the seamed square pipe, and the square steel of the impact crusher plays the role of preventing the material from being discharged from the front. The parts of the impact crusher are strictly heat treated and are made of very wear-resistant materials.

Counterattack liner

The impact liner is an indispensable part of the impact crusher. It is made of special alloys. At the same time, a reasonable heat treatment process is designed to ensure not only its high wear resistance, but also its toughness and impact resistance. . When adjusting the liner, it needs to be opened and put on the shelf, and the places where the liner is more worn and the place with less wear can be exchanged. When only one side of a liner is worn, it can be rotated 90 degrees or 180 degrees to continue to use.

Compression block

The compression block is widely used in all kinds of mining machines, with excellent material and stable performance, and can be customized according to different requirements. Clamping block automatic clamping mechanism, the mechanism adopts cylinder drive, link mechanism and linear guide way, realizes the actions of clamping, feeding, clamping at the other end, loosening and returning of the clamping block at the same time. The whole process adopts Pneumatic control, accurate and reliable action, to meet the requirements of use.

How to reduce the damage of hammer plate of impact crusher parts

A photo of impact crusher parts

The parts of the impact crusher can be adjusted. For example, the gap between the impact plate and the blow hammer can be adjusted, so that the parts of the impact crusher can be greatly adjusted, the service life of the blow hammer, and the iron of the equipment. The safety device effectively reduces the damage to the components caused by foreign objects, and greatly improves the service life of the equipment.

At the same time, because of the novel design of the parts of the impact crusher and the use of new concept crushing technology, it can meet the crushing of different material specifications and fully meet the new technological requirements of more crushing and less grinding. The application of the stone-for-iron principle makes the impact crusher not only has a large crushing ratio, but also has a low unit power consumption. It is a very clever energy-saving machine.

How to strengthen impact crusher parts impact plates

A photo of impact crusher parts

The impact plate is an important part of the impact crusher parts, plays an important role, and is a wearing part, that is to say, the impact crusher parts are worn out when they are working. It will fail and normal production work cannot be carried out. The working performance of the machine can only be restored by replacing new parts of the impact crusher, but this will increase the production cost, which needs to be solved by extending the life of the impact plate.

Among them, the reinforced impact board can be mainly improved from the following aspects:

The striking angle of the impact crusher is increased from 1500 to 3000, which can increase the striking force and ensure the particle size of the material after crushing, which can also reduce the wear on the impact plate;

The impact crusher chooses the appropriate method of using the impact hammer. The use methods of the impact hammer include grouping according to weight, separation method, cross-displacement replacement method and symmetrical replacement method. Different methods have different effects on production. The method can better crush the material and reduce the damage to the impact plate;

The gap between the rotor and the front of the shell of the impact crusher is increased from 10mm to 85mm, which can prevent the front of the body from being blocked;

The angle between the front impact plate and the center line of the rotor is increased from 250 degrees to 300 degrees, and the angle between the rear impact plate and the center line of the rotor is increased from 200 degrees to 400 degrees, which is conducive to the impact crushing of materials and ensures the crushing size;

The front impact plate boom and the rear impact boom of the impact crusher are combined into one, which can improve the elastic vibration of the impact plate, so that the materials bonded to the impact plate can be sent to the crusher in time, together with the crushed materials. into the lower silo.

What should I do if the hammer and rotor of the impact crusher are worn out?

A photo of impact crusher parts

Both the blow bar and the rotor are important impact crusher parts. The reasons for the wear failure of these impact crusher parts are:

In the long-term operation, the rotor and plate hammer of the impact crusher are unevenly worn due to the friction and reaction of the material, resulting in a gap between the contact surface of the plate hammer and the rotor. It is very large, which will cause additional concentric force, generate vibration, prematurely wear the bearing, and also cause the shaft to bend or be severely worn locally, which will affect the installation of the blow bar. Screws are often broken and bent, affecting normal work.

When repairing the rotor body and replacing the blow bar, it is required to maintain the balance of the rotor parts. Preparations for this:

  • Lift the upper cover of the crusher, remove the triangle tape, and clean the 2-end bearing seat and bearings
  • After cleaning, add lubricating oil and turn the rotor by hand until it is flexible and light
  • Observe the balance of the rotor as it turns
  • According to the unbalanced situation when the rotor rotates, determine the welding repair position and make a mark
  • Divide the rotor length into equal segments and make marks
  • Remove the old blow bars to be replaced, weigh the new blow bars one by one and mark them on the blow bars
  • Prepare related equipment

Operation and maintenance points of impact crusher parts, blow bars and rotors:

  • Frequently check the wear of blow bars, impact plates and guard plates, and rotors, or repair worn parts, and tighten coupling screws to prevent loosening and falling off
  • Pay attention to whether the material fed into the machine has any hard objects such as metal inclusions, and immediately stop the machine inspection if the sound of the machine is abnormal.
  • Feed uniformly, prevent clogging, and do not add materials that exceed the specified size
  • The machine has not come to a complete stop and must not be opened for inspection
  • After adjusting the gap of the crusher, turn the rotor to check to avoid the gap being too small. After adjustment, pay attention to tightening the screws of the counterattack plate.
  • After the machine is overhauled or the rotor is disassembled and re-installed, it is necessary to ensure that the rotor rotates flexibly and the weight is balanced. The striking plate should be replaced at the same time, otherwise the weight of the rotor will be unbalanced and the body will rotate.

The difficulty of wear and replacement of impact crusher parts

A photo of impact crusher parts

The impact crusher is composed of various impact crusher parts, so the particle size can be flexibly adjusted, and the scope of use can also be adjusted. For the impact crusher, we can adjust the rotor speed adjustment plate and the gap between the grinding chamber, To adjust the size of the particles, such a simple operation can make the machine better play the advantages of the machine.

During the use of the impact crusher, the parts of the impact crusher that are easier to wear are relatively small, and the metal utilization rate is relatively high. Such a machine can better show the side of the material, and for some parts that are worn out. The case is also very easy to replace.

How to reduce the loss of replacement impact crusher parts

A photo of impact crusher parts

After the material enters the machine, it is repeatedly crushed, and the size of the material gradually decreases from large to small until the material is crushed to the roughly required particle size, and then discharged from the discharge port.

Adjusting the gap between the impact frame and the rotor of these impact crusher parts can achieve the purpose of changing the material discharge particle size and material shape. The material directly falls into the high-speed rotating rotor from the upper part of the machine. The materials around the rotor collide with each other at high speed. After the materials collide with each other, they will form eddy current motion between the rotor and the counterattack plate, and the qualified ones will be directly discharged from the lower part.

However, the biggest disadvantage of the impact crusher is that the blow hammer and the impact plate are easy to wear, especially for crushing hard ores. However, the impact crusher has the characteristics of small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, large production capacity and uniform product particle size, and also has a good shaping function.

Due to the current impact crusher parts, the impact plate is a solid plate structure, and the impact crushing of the material presents an orderly refraction shape, that is, the impact material is fixed and concentrated in one direction, which is conducive to the full impact and grinding between the material and the material. The direct consequence is low crushing efficiency, unsatisfactory shaping effect and accelerated wear of impact crusher parts.

But now it is a new type of impact crusher parts, which can make the material have the crushing effect of irregular scattering and counterattack, thereby greatly improving the crushing function and shaping effect of the impact crusher, and improving the production capacity of the impact crusher. , effectively reduce the wear and tear of the machine and improve the service life of the machine.

Daily maintenance of impact crusher parts

A photo of impact crusher parts

Clearance adjustment of impact crusher parts, rotor and impact liner:

When the impact crusher parts and rotor are running, the gap between the rotor and the impact liner cannot be adjusted. If the material is stuck between the counterattack plate and the casing in a block, you can readjust the gap and lift the counterattack frame slightly, so that the block feed will become loose and the counterattack frame can be easily adjusted.

If the counter-attack frame is not enough, you can tap on the loosened tie rod. The gap between the rotor and the counter-attack liner is completed by the adjustment device of the machine. You can first loosen the bolt cover, and then turn the long nut. At this time, the tie rod will move upward. , adjust and tighten the screw sleeve.

Replacement parts for impact crusher parts:

When replacing the wearing parts of the impact crusher, open it first and then put it on the shelf. When in use, first remove the connecting bolts between the rear upper frame and the middle box, then use a wrench to screw it to the hexagonal head part of the flip device, and then slowly open the upper frame. Shelf, then repeat the above process, close it and put it on the shelf.

Impact Crusher Parts, Blow Hammer:

When the hammer of the impact crusher is worn to a certain extent, it should be adjusted or replaced in time to avoid damage to fasteners and other components.

Impact crusher parts, liner:

Open the rear upper cover, remove the cotter pin, slotted nut and bolt used to fix the impact liner, then the worn impact liner can be replaced. If you want to install a new impact liner, just reverse the above steps.

A photo of impact crusher parts

This is the introduction of impact crusher parts, have you understood it? If there are any questions that have not been clarified, it does not matter, you can leave a comment under the article on our website, and we will answer your message one by one. At the same time, there are other excellent articles on our website, you are welcome to continue browsing.

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