Jaw Crusher Adjustment Device

Jaw crusher is a common crushing machine. This article mainly introduces the discharge adjustment device and dust removal system of jaw crusher.

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Why is the jaw crusher called the jaw crusher?

Jaw Crusher Photos

The jaw crusher is mainly used in the primary crushing stage of the production line. It is suitable for medium and coarse crushing of various ores with a compressive strength not exceeding 300 MPa and bulk materials. It belongs to the principle of extrusion crushing. It has the characteristics of strong crushing force and reliable operation.

The reason why the jaw crusher is called the jaw crusher is because the jaw crusher consists of two jaw plates, the movable jaw and the static jaw. It is called jaw crusher.

The working process of the jaw crusher is that the motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate through the transmission device, the movable cone rotates and swings under the drive of the eccentric shaft sleeve, and the section of the movable cone close to the static cone forms a crushing chamber. The material is crushed by the multiple extrusion and impact of the movable cone and the static cone. When the moving cone leaves this section, the material crushed to the particle size falls freely under the action of its own gravity and is discharged from the bottom of the cone.

What are the advantages of jaw crushers over other crushers?

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  • The jaw crusher has three-stage crushing and shaping functions, the crushing ratio is large, and the product is cubic
  • The jaw crusher adopts low-speed, multi-cavity impact crusher, which saves energy and has higher output than ordinary crushers.
  • The jaw crusher adopts a keyless connection of the crushing jaw plate, and the rear of the rotor can bear the inertia of the rotor and the impact crushing force of the hammer head
  • The jaw crusher adopts a reasonable blow bar structure, which can quickly discharge materials and change positions many times, thus reducing the replacement of blow bars
  • The use of high wear-resistant, high-toughness chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium alloy materials and advanced production technology effectively solve the fracture problem of hard materials and prolong the service life of the crusher.

The adjustment device of the discharge port of the jaw crusher?

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Pad adjustment device

It is the backing plate adjustment device. Put a set of adjusting backing plates behind the rear thrust plate support. When changing the number or thickness of the backing plates, the rear thrust plate can be moved forward or backward to achieve the purpose of adjusting the width of the discharge opening. . This adjustment device has a simple and compact structure, and the weight of the whole machine does not increase much, so generally large or medium-sized jaw crushers will use this adjustment device. The disadvantage is that the machine must be stopped when adjusting the discharge opening.

Inclined iron adjustment device

It is used to adjust the width of the discharge opening. It mainly uses bolts or chain transmission devices to make the rear inclined iron rise and fall. The front inclined iron is installed in the guide grooves on the two side walls of the frame and can only move horizontally. When the rear inclined iron is lifted, the front inclined iron moves forward along the guide groove due to the relationship of the inclined plane, the thrust plate and the movable jaw move forward accordingly, and the width of the discharge opening also decreases accordingly.

Conversely, when the rear inclined iron descends, the width of the discharge opening increases. The advantage of this adjustment device is that it can realize stepless adjustment, and there is no need to stop the machine when adjusting. The disadvantage is that it is very laborious to adjust, and the size of the whole machine will increase, so it is only suitable for medium and small jaw crushers.

Hydraulic adjustment device

This adjustment device uses a hydraulic cylinder and a piston to adjust the width of the discharge opening, and uses a manual or electric hydraulic pump to supply oil to the hydraulic cylinder. When adjusting the hydraulic adjustment device, first loosen the nut that tightens the spring, open the stop valve, start the hydraulic pump motor, and fill the two horizontal hydraulic cylinders at the rear of the frame with oil, and the piston pushes the wedge iron to move forward. When the desired position is reached, close the shut-off valve and adjust the thickness of the gasket.

Open the cut-off valve after adjustment, and rely on the backward pressure of the movable jaw, thrust plate and connecting rod of the crusher to return the oil in the hydraulic cylinder to the oil tank, and recompress the tension spring to a certain position before closing the cut-off valve. valve.

The main components of the jaw crusher?

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Jaw plate: divided into fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate

Transmission mechanism: The eccentric shaft is the main shaft of the jaw crusher, and there are flywheels and belt pulleys on both sides to make the power load even and the crusher to run stably

Tensioning device: composed of a spring pull rod and an adjusting nut

Adjusting device: refers to the device that adjusts the width of the discharge port of the jaw crusher

Safety device: When the load of the crusher is too large, the thrust plate or its bolts will break, and the movable jaw plate will stop swinging. The hydraulic device at the connecting rod of the hydraulic jaw crusher also has the function of insurance

The dust system of the jaw crusher?

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When the jaw crusher is working, there are mainly two dust production points: one is the dust production at the feeding port, and the impact airflow generated during the falling of the ore will cause the dust to diffuse during the crushing process of the ore; the other is the discharge of the crushed ore.

When going to the belt conveyor, there is a certain drop between the discharge port of the crusher and the belt conveyor. When the material falls, it will generate an impact airflow, which will make the dust separate from the surface of the material and generate dust.

When dealing with these dusts, dust can be removed by spraying water mist with a water gun in these two places where dust will be generated. This is the easiest way to remove dust. At the same time, a professional dust removal system can also be used for dust removal.

Jaw Crusher Photos

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