Causes of jaw crusher dies

As the first equipment in the crushing work, the jaw crusher plays a key and important role in the crushing work. However, when using the jaw crusher, occasionally the jaw crusher dies. If the cause of the jaw crusher dies cannot be found in time and the fault is repaired in time, it will cause a lot of losses. At the same time, because the jaw crusher is the first process in the crushing work, if it cannot be repaired in time, the whole process will cause huge losses. So, what causes the jaw crusher to crash?

A photo of a jaw crusher dies


Common faults of jaw crusher?

A photo of a jaw crusher dies

The discharge port is blocked, resulting in a full cavity blocking material; in this case, it is necessary to clear the blockage of the discharge port to ensure smooth discharge.

The V-belt is too loose, causing the belt to slip. At this time, it is necessary to tighten or replace the V-belt.

The working site voltage is too low, and when the jaw crusher encounters large pieces of material, there is no way to break it, which will cause the jaw crusher to crash. In this case, it is necessary to adjust the working voltage to make the voltage meet the requirements.

The eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher is too tight and the fixed bushing is loose, resulting in no gap on both sides of the bearing seat of the frame, which will cause the eccentric shaft to be stuck; in this case, it is necessary to reinstall or replace the fixed bushing.

The jaw crusher dies due to the damage of the bearing. In this case, the bearing needs to be replaced.

In the process of using the jaw crusher, some staff may keep adding ore raw materials to the feeding port in order to catch up with the construction period. In this way, the bearing capacity of the jaw crusher will be exceeded, which will cause the blockage of the feeding port, which will also cause the jaw crusher to crash.

In this case, the staff must clear the feed port before continuing production. Therefore, in the production process, the raw materials must be added evenly, so that the jaw crusher will not crash due to the blockage of the feeding port.

The jaw crusher relies on the transmission belt to transmit power, so if the belt is not tight enough, it will cause the jaw crusher to crash. If it is too loose, it will not work because there is no power; if it is too tight, it will make the belt especially easy to break, which will also affect the work. Therefore, before starting the jaw crusher every time, check the lower belt to see if it is suitable, so as to avoid the crash of the jaw crusher.

The jaw crusher will bear huge force during the operation, which will cause invisible loosening in the machine, causing the jaw crusher to crash, thus affecting the work. For example, when the eccentric shaft in the jaw crusher is loosened, the eccentric shaft will be stuck in the machine, which will cause the jaw crusher to crash and affect the work. Check whether the various parts of the machine are loose and fasten them in time to avoid the jaw crusher from crashing.

What causes the jaw crusher dies?

A photo of a jaw crusher dies

The tooth angle is the angle between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw. Under normal circumstances, the tooth angle can reach a maximum of 32 degrees. In actual use, it is less than 25 degrees, generally around 18 to 20 degrees. If the tooth angle is too large, the ore in the crushing cavity will be squeezed upward, which will hurt people or damage other equipment. At the same time, with the increase of the tooth angle, the crushing ratio will also increase, and the productivity will decrease.

Adjusting the size of the discharge port also changes the size of the tooth angle. In actual production, the size of the ore discharge port is adjusted according to the requirements of the ore discharge particle size. Therefore, it is reasonable to enlarge the discharge port as much as possible under the requirement of ensuring the particle size of the product. The size of the ore discharge port can be adjusted by adjusting the block. When adjusting the size of the ore discharge port, pay attention to the relationship between the crushing ratio and the productivity.

Within a certain range, increasing the number of revolutions of the eccentric shaft can improve the production capacity of the jaw crusher, but it will also increase the power consumption of crushing unit weight of ore. If the rotation speed is too high, the crushed ore in the crushing chamber will not be discharged in time, resulting in blockage, which will reduce the production capacity and increase the power consumption. Therefore, the jaw crusher should have the most suitable number of rotations, otherwise it will Increase the possibility of jaw crusher dies.

The eccentric shaft, connecting rod, movable jaw plate, bearing and lining plate of the jaw crusher are the main wear parts, which need to be lubricated and replaced frequently. If the replacement is not timely, it will also cause the jaw crusher to crash.

8 kinds of faults that cause jaw crusher dies?

A photo of a jaw crusher dies

When the crusher is idling, there is a metal crashing sound from the lower part

There may be three reasons:

The crushing mobile jaw and the fixed jaw tooth plate collide with each other, which is caused by the too small discharge opening, which causes the jaw crusher dies, which should be adjusted in time.

The impact sound in the thrust plate support or in the gasket adjustment device is generally caused by the loss or damage of the elasticity of the pull rod buffer spring, or the rotation caused by the loose spring pressure. If the bracket head collides with the supports at both ends, or the adjusting gaskets collide with each other, Cause the jaw crusher dies,the compression nut should be tightened in time until the impact sound disappears.

It is also possible that the toggle plate support slider is severely worn or loose, and the toggle plate head is seriously worn, Cause the jaw crusher dies,which should be replaced in time.

There is a metal impact sound and the lining board shakes when working

This phenomenon is often caused by the loosening of the side lining plate and tooth plate of the crushing chamber, or the loosening and breaking of the fastening screws, Cause the jaw crusher dies,which should be fastened or replaced in time.

Frequent breakage of rear bracket

Because the rear toggle plate of the jaw crusher not only has a transmission function, but also plays its insurance role with the characteristics of low strength. Because the strength of the middle position of the toggle plate of the jaw crusher is too low, its own strength cannot offset the crushing force generated by crushing the ore.

It is because the tension rod spring pressure of the rear bracket is too large, and the excessive crushing force may cause the rear bracket to be overloaded and cause the rear bracket to break. Cause the jaw crusher dies,In order to solve this problem, it is also necessary to appropriately adjust the pressure strength of the spring according to the situation during production work.

The flywheel rotates, causing the jaw crusher to crash

The reason why the jaw crusher dies is that the tie rod and the tie rod spring of the jaw crusher are damaged. At the same time, if the toggle plate has come out of the support slider, it will also cause the lining plate to break or even fall off, thus causing the jaw crusher to crash.

Different maintenance treatments should be carried out for different problems. If the toggle plate is broken, it needs to be replaced in time. If the pull rod or pull rod spring is damaged, and the toggle plate slips due to the tripping of the pull rod nut, it should also be replaced in time. After the replacement, inspection and testing are required before production work can continue.

The flywheel swings obviously or the eccentric shaft rotates slowly

This situation is mostly caused by the damage or loosening of the pulley or flywheel key, which causes the two parts of the flywheel and the bearing to rotate out of sync,Cause the jaw crusher dies. If this happens, the related parts need to be tightened or replaced.

Product particle size is inconsistent with production requirements

This kind of problem is mostly caused by the serious wear of the lining of the crushing plate, Cause the jaw crusher dies. For this problem, it is necessary to adjust the plate up and down, or replace the lining plate, and adjust the discharge port to meet the required size.

The bearing temperature exceeds the specified temperature

It may be that the bearing bush is pressed too tightly, and the shim can be used to adjust the degree of compression of the bearing bush. Or the lubricating oil is insufficient, the lubricating oil circuit is blocked, and the lubricating oil is dirty. Cause the jaw crusher dies, At this time, it is necessary to increase the amount of lubricating oil, clean the oil pipe and replace the lubricating oil.

Oil slip indicator shows oil cut

May be the oil pump problem, the oil pump should be repaired or replaced. It is also possible that the oil temperature is too low and the oil is cut off, and the oil can be heated up.

A photo of a jaw crusher dies

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