What are the parts of jaw crusher

Jaw crushers have always been a very popular existence in the crushing industry. The crushers often wear parts when they are working. As for the wear of jaw crusher parts, or the replacement of jaw crusher parts, you know how much? In the previous article, we have written about the parts of the cone crusher. Now some people ask about the parts of the jaw crusher. Therefore,Today, I will take you to see the jaw crusher parts.

A photo of jaw crusher

What are the parts of jaw crusher?

A photo of jaw crusher parts

The main parts of jaw crusher are as follows: belt conveyor, movable jaw plate, side guard plate, fixed jaw plate, flywheel, eccentric shaft, frame, toggle plate and toggle plate seat. Here is a brief introduction to these jaw crusher parts:

Jaw plate: It is a part that is directly used for crushing and processing materials, so in order to prevent wear and improve the service life of the jaw plate , brackets are installed on both sides of the jaw plate and the jaw cavity. The brackets are made of wear-resistant materials, such as high manganese steel.

Bracket: The surface of the bracket is usually cast into a wavy or triangular tooth shape. During installation, the tooth peaks and tooth valleys of different brackets should be opposite to each other. This arrangement has not only the extrusion effect but also the bending and splitting effect on the processed material. , more easily broken.

Flywheel: The flywheel of the jaw crusher is used to store the energy during the empty stroke of the movable jaw, and then release it during normal operation, so that the entire machine can work evenly. The flywheel is made of cast iron or cast steel, and the flywheel of the small jaw crusher is usually cast in one piece.

Eccentric shaft: The eccentric shaft is the main shaft of the crusher, which bears huge bending torsion and is the main part that drives the connecting rod to move up and down.

Side guard: The side guard of the jaw crusher is divided into an upper guard and a lower guard. The upper guard is a right-angled trapezoid, and the right angle is replaced by a circular arc. The short axis of the upper guard and the length of the long side of the lower guard Consistent and parallel, the slopes of the two side guards are the same. When installing, the two side guards are specially designed with limit blocks to ensure stable installation and no displacement.

Rack: It is a rigid frame composed of 2 longitudinal side walls and 2 transverse side walls. The rack bears a large impact load during operation, so this requires the rack to have sufficient strength and rigidity. Cast in one piece.

Lubrication device: The eccentric shaft bearing is usually lubricated by centralized circulation, and the supporting surface of the thrust plate is generally lubricated manually.

What are the reasons for the wear of jaw crusher parts?

A photo of jaw crusher parts

The jaw plate is the main part of the jaw crusher and is the part that is in direct contact with the material, so it is one of the most prone to wear and tear. The main reasons are as follows:

If there are impurities in the jaw plate of the jaw crusher, it will cause a stress reaction, and the edge of the impurities will easily form cracks, which will reduce the service life of the jaw plate. big impact.

The movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate of the jaw crusher have no tooth tips facing the tooth slot. During the working process of the machine, most of the raw materials are of irregular shape, which are generally crushed by the extrusion of the tooth tips, and the materials will wear the jaws due to the action of their own gravity.

The jaw plate fastening screws of the jaw crusher do not protect the jaw plate during operation. When the machine is working, the material and the jaw plate have a great force, especially when working continuously or crushing materials with high hardness and large size. , the screw is easy to loosen due to vibration, in this case, the jaw may slip off or be damaged.

During the working process of the machine, especially when crushing relatively large materials, or when the material is blocked more seriously, under the action of the pressing force of the jaw plate, the material may be blocked even more. At this time, many people will choose the blasting method. Clear the blockage, but this method will speed up the wear of the jaws.

The feeder is installed incorrectly. The feeder is an indispensable equipment for automatic production of the machine. During normal operation, the feeder works with the crusher, and the material also enters the crusher through the feeder. Incorrect installation position or angle of the machine will also accelerate the wear of the jaw plate.

How to feed the jaw crusher normally?

A photo of jaw crusher parts

An important parameter of the jaw crusher is the maximum feeding size. In order to ensure the machine works better for a long time, the feeding size should not be greater than 80% of the specified size, otherwise it will lead to a reduction in the output of the machine, or The parts of the machine are damaged, so strictly controlling the size of the material is one of the important prerequisites to ensure the normal operation of the jaw crusher.

When the jaw crusher is working, it is very important to feed the material at a uniform speed. If the amount of feeding material is suddenly large or small during the crushing process, the parts of the machine cannot be adjusted in time, and the parts of the jaw crusher will be damaged. Moreover, professional feeding equipment should be used for feeding, and the angle and position of feeding should be strictly in accordance with the requirements.

The size of the outlet of the jaw crusher determines the processing capacity of the equipment, and the jaw crusher is a common machine for primary crushing, and its output size determines the size of the secondary crushed material. It is not possible to change the size of the outlet at any time.

During the feeding process, it should be noted that when iron or non-crushed materials enter the machine, they should be removed in time, because these things may cause the jaw crusher to block and overload.

The reason why the bearing of jaw crusher parts is abnormally heated up?

A photo of jaw crusher parts

Bearing is an important part of jaw crusher. If there is a problem with it, the machine will not work normally. The longest problem is heating. What is the reason?

Seriously worn bearings or damaged cages
Bearings are important jaw crusher parts,because the bearing enters the dust or some other particles, it will flood the inside of the bearing together with the lubricating oil. These pollutants will destroy the lubricating oil film of the bearing rolling surface and cause the bearing to wear. With the continuous wear, the gap between the bearings increases. If it is too large, the running accuracy will be reduced, which will cause the temperature of the bearing to rise, the noise will also increase, and it may cause the bearing to break.

Poor bearing quality
If the factory clearance of the bearing does not reach the specified value, the clearance after installation will be too small, so that the bearing will generate heat and the temperature will rise when the bearing is working normally, so it is necessary to choose a bearing that meets the installation requirements.

Incorrect axial positioning of the bearing
If there is a problem with the axial positioning, or the bearing gland is not installed in place, the eccentric shaft moves on one side during operation, so that the clearance of the bearing is reduced, which will cause the bearing to heat up.

The machining error of the movable jaw or the bearing hole of the frame is large
The machining error of the bearing hole is large, and the coaxiality exceeds the allowable value, which will lead to a large coaxiality error of the outer ring of the bearing after the bearing is installed, which will cause uneven bearing load and cause the bearing to heat up.

Problem with spindle machining
The coaxiality error of the bearing installed on the 2nd side of the main shaft is too large, exceeding the designed maximum value, which will cause uneven bearing load and heat generation of the bearing.

Axial play of the sleeve
After the axial movement of the fixed bushing, the bearing will loosen and the bushing will slide, which may cause the bearing to wear and heat. At this time, remove the bearing cover, fix the bushing or remove the flywheel or sheave, and replace it with a new one of the tightening bushing.

The oil hole is blocked or the bearing oil is cut off or the oil is too little or too much
These conditions will cause the bearing temperature to rise and cause abnormality, especially when there is too much oil, reaching or exceeding the center of the bottom ball or roller, which does not meet the lubrication requirements of the bearing, which is not conducive to the dissipation of heat, which will cause fever.

The machining accuracy of the parts does not meet the requirements
If the parts of the jaw crusher cannot meet the requirements, they will be larger or smaller after installation, so that unnecessary friction will occur when the machine is working, which will generate heat and generate heat.

Improper selection of lubricating oil
The choice of lubricating oil should be selected according to the requirements, and the ones that do not meet the requirements cannot be selected arbitrarily. If they do not meet the requirements, there will be no way to produce the best lubrication effect, which will cause the bearing to heat up.

Non-bearing heating
In other cases, it is not the bearing itself that generates heat, but the friction and heat of other parts on the crusher, but it is counted on the bearing. At this time, it is necessary to find the problem in time during the normal maintenance and change it in time.

What are the methods of cleaning jaw crusher parts?

A photo of jaw crusher parts

In order to make the jaw crusher work better, its parts should be replaced or cleaned frequently. How to clean the parts of the jaw crusher? Next, I will introduce some cleaning methods:

  • Scrub: You can put the jaw crusher parts into a container with diesel, kerosene or other cleaning fluids, and then scrub with cotton yarn or brush. This method is relatively simple, but not very efficient, and is only suitable for some small parts.
  • Vibration cleaning: Put the jaw crusher parts to be cleaned on the cleaning basket or cleaning rack of the vibrating cleaning machine, and immerse them in the cleaning liquid, and remove the stains by the vibration of the cleaning machine and the action of the cleaning liquid.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning: This is mainly due to the combined effect of the chemical action of the cleaning solution and the ultrasonic wave. This method is used to clean the stains of the jaw crusher parts. This method is suitable for parts with less complex shapes and more serious stains.
  • Heating, cooking and washing: Put the prepared solution and the jaw crusher parts to be cleaned into the cleaning pool, and heat for 3 to 5 minutes.

What should be paid attention to when the jaw crusher is overhauled?

A photo of jaw crusher parts

The normal inspection work starts after the crusher has finished its work and is stopped for cooling for 5 hours. First, check the flatness of the machine’s conical surface to see if there is any unevenness. If there is a problem, notify the technician in time. Replace it, and replace it in time if any other jaw crusher parts are found to be faulty.

Before starting the machine, first check the installation of the jaw crusher parts, after confirming that there is no problem, idling the machine first, and then check whether there are problems such as abnormal noise, jamming, friction or vibration. If it occurs, stop it in time for inspection.

Jaw Crusher Parts Cylinder is one of the important parts,when the machine is inspected, it is necessary to check whether the cylinder has obvious shaking and noise, ensure that the shaking of the cylinder does not exceed 0.5 mm, and the noise of the machine is controlled within 85 decibels, and then carry out normal production. At the same time, pay attention to the rolling bearing. The temperature cannot be too high.

The jaw crusher is a large-scale equipment, which needs to be inspected and maintained by professional personnel. After ensuring that there is no problem, the production task should be carried out, and maintenance and repair should be carried out regularly. If the jaw crusher parts are found to be worn out, they should be replaced in time.

How to increase the output of jaw crusher?

A photo of jaw crusher parts

Uniform feeding and strict control of feeding amount
During normal operation, the larger the feeding amount, the longer the machine working time, and the increased wear and tear of the machine, which are all factors that affect the output of the crusher. Therefore, in the production process, it is necessary to strictly control the materials, do not let the materials that do not meet the crushing requirements enter the crusher, and at the same time ensure that the feeding is uniform.

Adjust the size of the outlet in time
In production, according to the nature of the crushed material, the size of the outlet should be adjusted in time, and the outlet of the machine should be appropriately increased, which can not only increase the output, but also prevent the machine from clogging, but the adjustment should also be adjusted according to the material and production requirements, not arbitrarily. Adjustment.

Appropriate eccentric shaft speed
Under normal circumstances, the output of the machine increases according to the increase of the speed of the eccentric shaft, but when the speed reaches a certain value, the output will drop sharply, so the most suitable speed of the eccentric shaft should be selected according to the specified requirements and crushed materials.

Choose jaw crusher parts with good wear resistance
Jaw crusher parts are required to have high wear resistance,the higher the wear resistance of the parts of the crusher, the better, so that the crushing capacity will increase, and if it is not wear-resistant, the output of the crusher will be reduced.

Do maintenance work
In order to make the machine work more effectively, it is necessary to maintain the equipment regularly, especially for some parts that are easy to wear and tear, and the damaged parts should be replaced in time. Only in this way can we ensure that the machine will not have accidents during production. thereby affecting machine production.

A photo of jaw crusher parts

After reading this article, do you know anything about the jaw crusher parts? If you have any questions, you can leave a comment and we will reply to your questions. At the same time, there are other related crushers on this website. Article, you are welcome to continue reading.

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