Limestone Crusher Machine | Common Types

Limestone is a common building material, and the limestone crusher is specially used to crush limestone. This article mainly introduces the types of common limestone crusher machine, how to configure the production line of limestone crusher machine, and other precautions for limestone crusher machine.

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What are the types of limestone crusher machine?

A photo about limestone crusher machine

Limestone crusher machine – Jaw Crusher

When processing limestone, the jaw crusher completes the crushing work by extruding the material through the movable jaw and the fixed jaw plate. It is easy to operate, durable and has high operating performance. The jaw crusher has a complete range of models and high efficiency; the connecting rod bearings, eccentric shaft bearings, and thrust plate toggles of the jaw crusher are all lubricated with lubricating oil. It is an economical limestone crusher machine.

Limestone crusher machine – Impact Crusher

The impact crusher is generally used in the second-stage crushing stage of the limestone crusher machine production line, through the impact plate, blow bar, and rotor, the limestone falling into the crushing chamber is crushed under the impact force to achieve fine crushing.

The feed port is large, the throughput is large, and the blow bar and rotor are relied on for crushing, so it is more suitable for limestone with low hardness; The adjustment of the size of the discharge particle size can be completed within the gap, which is convenient for the user to meet the requirements of the finished product particle size.

Limestone crusher machine – Hammer Crusher

Like the impact crusher, the hammer crusher is a processing equipment for fine crushing of limestone. Different hammer crushers can replace the coarse crushing process of the jaw crusher, and can directly crush limestone into specifications below 25mm. The hammer crusher adopts dual motors to work, and the crushing power is composed of a blow bar and a rotor. Driven by the motor, it rotates at a high speed, and can achieve three-stage crushing of limestone, which is equivalent to the effect of having multiple machines in one machine.

Limestone crusher machine – Cone Crusher

The cone crusher can also be used for the secondary crushing of limestone. This equipment has simple structure, superior performance, high quality, affordable price, and the finished product after crushing has uniform particle size. It can be applied to various fields, and the operation and maintenance are still very convenient. Reduce the maintenance time of the machine and increase the overall production efficiency.

Common production line configuration of limestone crusher machine?

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Limestone is processed into stone by a limestone crusher machine. Generally speaking, coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing, and screening are required. The particle size of raw materials, output requirements, budget, finished products, and sites must also be considered; in addition, before processing limestone , Relevant legal procedures are also required. When choosing a suitable factory site, it is also necessary to meet the conditions of convenient transportation, water and electricity, and build infrastructure and cement platforms. Common limestone crusher machine production line plans are as follows:

Option 1: limestone crusher machine multi-stage crushing

Material–vibrating feeder–jaw crusher–belt conveyor–impact crusher–belt conveyor–vibrating screen–qualified finished product–belt conveyor–silo pile live

Option 2: limestone crusher machine Forming Once

Material–vibrating feeder–hammer crusher–belt conveyor–vibrating screen–qualified finished product

What are the advantages of using an impact crusher as a limestone crusher machine?

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The impact crusher is mainly used for medium and fine crushing of medium hardness and soft stone. The finished limestone processed by the impact crusher has a uniform particle size. When the impact crusher works as a limestone crusher machine, the raw materials of limestone from large to small enter the impact crushing cavity at one time, and are crushed repeatedly until they are crushed to the required particle size.

The impact crusher works on the principle of impact crushing. This kind of limestone crusher machine is very suitable for crushing limestone in terms of crushing strength, production capacity and output quality.

The impact crusher is small in size, simple and compact in structure, easy to maintain, strong in machine rigidity, and large in rotor inertia.

The gap between the impact plate and the blow bar of the impact crusher is easy to adjust, the output particle size can be effectively controlled, and the processed limestone has the advantage of fine particle size of the finished product.

When the impact crusher crushes limestone materials, the materials can be crushed successfully on site at one time, avoiding the multiple links of ordinary crushing, and effectively reducing the production and operation costs.

What are the advantages of using a hammer crusher as a limestone crusher machine?

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Hammer crusher is also a common limestone crusher machine. This machine is a crusher with relatively strong crushing capacity. It is the basic crushing equipment in crushing equipment and occupies an important position in the crushing industry. Hammer crusher is suitable for In the cement, chemical, electric power, metallurgical industries, it is used for crushing medium-hard materials, such as limestone, slag, and coke, for medium and fine crushing.

The hammer crusher simplifies the crushing process. Different from the jaw crusher and impact crusher, the hammer crusher has a larger crushing ratio, changing the three-stage crushing to two-stage crushing, which simplifies the crushing process and reduces the Limestone crushing production cost input.

The cost budget is not high. Compared with the cone crusher of the same power, the cost of the hammer crusher is not particularly high. The cost budget is within the range acceptable to most people. It is a relatively cheap limestone crusher machine.

Wear-resistant, impact-resistant, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, the working hammer head is cast with high manganese steel, which has the advantages of high density, wear-resistant and impact resistance, which can greatly extend the service life of the machine and reduce the investment in the later stage.

Hammer crushers are widely used and adaptable. Materials such as limestone, marble, dolomite, iron ore, and construction waste are especially suitable for crushing.

What are the reasons for the decrease in output of limestone crusher machine?

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Machine aging

If the limestone crusher machine has exceeded the service life, the main parts of the crusher must have aged, so that the output of the machine will also be reduced to a certain extent, which is one of the key factors leading to the reduction of the output of the machine.

Control system failure

The more developed the control system, the higher the technological content of the equipment. However, due to the unreasonable design of some equipment, the sensitivity of the control system of the machine is not high, and failures will occur during operation, which will lead to a reduction in the output of the machine.

Unreasonable operation

If the user’s operation is unreasonable, the output of the machine will inevitably be reduced, so it is very necessary to improve the user’s operating proficiency.

Lack of lubricant

If there is a lack of lubricating oil, the phenomenon of cylinder sticking will occur. On the one hand, this phenomenon will increase energy consumption, and on the other hand, it will also lead to a sharp drop in output.

Precautions for installation of limestone crusher machine?

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  • Parts must be counted prior to installation. Check and remove the damage caused by the processing surface and thread of each part during loading and unloading, and remove the protective coating applied on the processing surface during packaging, as well as the dust and dirt that fell during transportation.
  • When installing, apply the specified paint on the fixed contact surface.
  • The limestone crusher machine must be installed on a stable reinforced concrete foundation, and the depth of the foundation can be determined by the user according to the local geological conditions.
  • In order to avoid the accumulation of crushed ore, there must be enough space under the foundation to install transportation equipment.
  • In order not to damage the foundation, the upper part of the foundation must be covered with a guard plate, which is prepared by the user himself.
A photo about limestone crusher machine

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