9 Common Mining Crusher Spare Parts

Mining crushers are composed of mining crusher spare parts one by one, and they determine the service life and working efficiency of mining crushers. This article mainly introduces some common mining crusher spare parts, hoping to help everyone better understand the mining crusher spare parts.

Mining crusher spare parts – jaw plate:

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The jaw plate of the jaw crusher is mainly a fixed jaw and a movable jaw, which are mainly cast from high-quality high-manganese steel. In order to prolong its service life, its current situation is designed to be symmetrical up and down, that is, it can be turned around and used after one end is worn. The movable tooth plate and the fixed jaw plate are the main stress places when the material is crushed, and the movable tooth plate is installed on the movable jaw plate to protect the movable jaw plate.

Mining crusher spare parts – toggle plate:

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The toggle plate is a specially calculated iron casting, not only a force transmission component, but also a safety part of the crusher. When the unbreakable material falls into the crusher and the machine exceeds the normal load, the toggle plate will be broken immediately, and the crusher will stop working, thus avoiding the damage of the whole machine.

The toggle plate and the toggle plate pad adopt the rolling contact method, and there is little friction under normal use, and it is only necessary to apply a layer of lubricating oil on the contact surface. The whole part is used to adjust the size of the discharge opening to reduce the wear between the jaw plate, toggle plate and toggle plate pad.

Mining crusher spare parts – broken wall:

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The broken wall is one of the main parts of the cone crusher, also called the moving cone, which is fixed on the cone with the cone head. The crushing wall of the cone crusher is forged from a new type of composite material, which has the characteristics of strong wear resistance, high cost performance and wide application fields. After the newly installed or newly replaced cone crushing wall has been working for 6 to 8 hours, it is necessary to check its fixing condition, and if it is found to be loose, it must be tightened immediately.

Mining crusher spare parts – rolling mortar wall:

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The rolling mortar wall and the crushing wall are the main components that work together in the cone crusher to crush the material. Because it is fixed, it is also called the fixed cone. When the cone crusher is working, the crushing wall will move in a trajectory, and the distance from the wall of the rolling mortar is sometimes close and sometimes far away, so as to achieve the effect of squeezing the crushed material. After the material is crushed, it will be discharged from the open side discharge port.

The wall of the rolling socket is fixed on the adjusting ring by U-shaped screws, and at the same time, zinc alloy is injected between the two to make them tightly combined. When newly installing or replacing the wall of the rolling socket, it is also necessary to check its fixing condition after working for 6 to 8 hours. If it is found to be loose, it needs to be tightened again.

Mining crusher spare parts – copper sleeve:

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The role of the copper sleeve of the cone crusher is to act as a sliding bearing. It is a straight copper sleeve with a large gear assembly inside. Generally, the wear is not much, and the gap in the middle is less than 5mm. There is a set of copper sleeves in the middle of the large gear assembly, and the cone spindle is inserted inside. The upper gap is small about 3 mm, and the lower gap is larger, about 8 mm.

Mining crusher spare parts – liner:

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The liner of the impact crusher is an important and vulnerable part of the impact crusher. After the liner wears and ages, the impact resistance decreases, which often causes accidents where the liner is shot down, and also causes the sealing performance of the crusher to decrease and generate large dust. If you need to replace the liner, you can open it and put it on the shelf, remove the cotter pins, slotted nuts and bolts for fixing the liner, and then the liner that needs to be replaced can be replaced.

Mining crusher spare parts – blow bar:

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The blow bar is made of high chromium alloy material, with its unique structural design, the finished product is cubic, without tension and cracks, and the grain shape is very good. It is an important spare part for high-grinding mining crushers. When the blow bar is worn to a certain extent, it should be adjusted or replaced in time to avoid damage to fasteners and other components.

Mining crusher spare parts – square steel:

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Square steel is square and can be divided into seamed or seamless. Seamed square steel is welded together by steel plates to make square steel pipes; seamless square steel is made from seamless steel pipes, and its compressive capacity is much greater than that of seamed square steel. The square steel of the impact crusher plays the role of preventing the material from being discharged from the front.

Mining crusher spare parts – press block:

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The compaction block is a widely used spare part of mining crushers, with stable performance and excellent material, and can also be made according to different requirements. The compression block can also be equipped with an automatic clamping mechanism, which is driven by a cylinder, a link mechanism and a linear guide rail, and realizes a series of actions such as clamping, loosening, and retraction of the compression block.

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