Mobile Stone Crusher Machine | Precautions for use

Mobile stone crusher machine is the most popular crushing equipment nowadays. With its movable working method and low cost, it is very popular among the crushing industry. This article mainly introduces the types and related information about mobile stone crusher machines.

a photo of mobile stone crusher machine

What is a mobile stone crusher machine?

a photo of mobile stone crusher machine

Mobile stone crusher machine is the most popular crushing equipment today, and it is the most popular crushing product. Its main features are mobile work, intelligent operation, stable production and reliable operation at the same time.

The mobile stone crusher machine has greatly improved the production efficiency and the management level of the equipment. On the one hand, this mobile stone crusher machine improves the economic benefits of the enterprise, and on the other hand, it reduces the operating cost for the enterprise. It is a very good application and promotion value.

Moreover, the most popular mobile stone crusher machine can predict equipment failures in advance, equipped with warning devices, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of accidents, thereby reducing the number of machine failures, giving full play to the production capacity of the machine, and ensuring that the production line stable operation.

Advantages of mobile stone crusher machine?

a photo of mobile stone crusher machine

Good grain shape

In addition to the normal crusher, the mobile crusher is also equipped with a screening machine. The screening machine can effectively screen the crushed stones. Only the crushed stones that meet the specifications can pass the screening and enter the finished product pile. Because of the step of sieving, the finished product has a very uniform grain shape, and at the same time, crushed stones of different specifications can be produced at one time.

Many applicable materials

The crushing collocation on the mobile crusher is flexible and can adapt to the processing of different materials. For example, materials with larger grain size can be crushed by jaw crusher, and materials with higher hardness can be processed by cone crusher. Materials can choose impact crusher.

Compact structure

The mobile stone crusher machine has a compact structure, and the cooperation between each machine is reasonable, which reduces the leakage of powder and reduces the pollution to the environment, which is very in line with the current social development of low-carbon and environmental protection.

Supporting types of mobile stone crusher machine?

a photo of mobile stone crusher machine

Hammer Mobile Crusher

Hammer mobile crusher is mainly used with feeder, vibrating screen and conveyor belt to crush limestone, bluestone, construction waste, slag and coal ore. It can realize the pressure-free crushing of large-sized and small-sized materials, change the three-stage crushing into one-stage crushing, and realize low-cost operation. Generally speaking, it is a mobile stone crusher machine with low energy consumption, low cost and high cost performance.

Jaw Mobile Crusher

The mobile jaw crusher mainly uses the jaw crusher as the main crushing equipment, which has a good crushing effect on various materials and ores, and can also be crushed according to different requirements, and the appropriate particle size can be selected for production.

Impact mobile crusher

The impact mobile crusher is equipped with feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, conveyor belt, and is used for crushing granite, cobblestone, marble, basalt, and quartz stone.

What is the price of mobile stone crusher machine?

a photo of mobile stone crusher machine

There are mainly two types of frames for mobile stone crusher machines: tire type and crawler type. The prices of mobile stone crusher machines with different frames are also different. The crawler type is relatively more intelligent, so its price is also more expensive. Generally, the crawler type is more expensive than the tire type when the matching crushing equipment is the same.

The equipped crushers are different, and the price will be different. Generally, the impact mobile crusher is cheaper, and the cone mobile crusher is more expensive. In addition, the configuration of the production line is different, and the price will also have a big difference. The more crushing equipment is matched, the more expensive the price is, but the production line can be handled by one car, which is definitely much cheaper than the ordinary production line.

What are the installation and maintenance requirements of the mobile stone crusher machine?

a photo of mobile stone crusher machine

Installation requirements

  • The equipment should be installed on a horizontal concrete foundation, fixed with anchor bolts
  • When installing, pay attention to the verticality between the mobile stone crusher machine and the horizontal plane
  • After installation, check whether the bolts in each part are loose and whether the door of the machine is fastened. If there is any looseness, fasten it
  • Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the device

Equipment maintenance

The bearing bears all the load of the machine, so good lubrication has a great relationship with the service life of the bearing, which directly affects the service life and operating rate of the machine, so the injected lubricating oil must be clean and the seal must be good.

Newly installed tires are prone to loosening and must be checked frequently.

Pay attention to whether all parts of the machine are working normally.

Pay attention to check the wear degree of wearing parts, and replace worn parts at any time.

If the bearing oil temperature rises, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately and check the cause to eliminate the fault.

Equipment Repair

Upper suspension

The suspension device is subjected to a large dynamic load, so the installation must be stable and firm, not swinging, and well lubricated. When the crusher is in normal operation, the fixed sleeve must be installed firmly without any looseness. Normally, the spindle can rotate forward or reversely, but if it rotates too fast, it is a fault. When the tapered sleeve and the fixed sleeve are severely worn, the stroke of the moving cone will decrease, and the output of the crusher will drop significantly, so it must be repaired or replaced in time.

Replace liner

When replacing the liner, the replacement range can be determined according to the wear and tear, which is roughly as follows: replace all the liners of the frame and the crushing cone at the same time; only replace all the liners of the frame or one of the crushing equipment; replace only the frame, Lower liners of crushing plants; only replace the lower liner in the frame or crushing plant.

When the connection between the crushing cone and the liner is broken, the liner can be easily removed. If the liner still cannot be removed by the above method, it has to be cut off, and care should be taken not to hurt the cone when cutting.

Removal and installation of eccentric shaft sleeve

When overhauling, the lubricating oil should be released first, and then the eccentric shaft sleeve should be lifted out from the upper part. After dismounting, check the alloy on the eccentric shaft sleeve and check the tightness of the steel sleeve and the frame. During inspection, you can also tap with a copper hammer or aluminum hammer, and judge whether it is normal according to the sound.

After the eccentric bushing is installed, the outer end faces of the two gears must be flush. The tooth clearance of the gear should meet the installation requirements, and the tooth clearance of the gear should be measured no matter before disassembly or after installation.

a photo of mobile stone crusher machine

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