What is a sand screen and what is its important role?

Sand screen is an indispensable equipment in the sand and gravel industry. It is very famous in various sand and gravel production enterprises or factories. Therefore, this article mainly introduces what a sand screen is and what it does. If you want to buy it, add it For the sand and gravel industry, how much does it cost to prepare?

A photo of a sand screen

What sand screen?

A photo of a sand screen

The sand screen is a sand screening machine, which uses an ordinary motor to drive the eccentric block of the vibrator to rotate at a high speed. The eccentric block has a large centrifugal force during operation, and the screen box produces periodic circular motion along the action direction of the exciter. The material on the inclined screen surface is subjected to the impulse transmitted by the screen box, resulting in a continuous throwing motion, and the particles smaller than the screen hole pass through the screen when the material encounters the screen surface, so as to achieve the purpose of screening.

What is a linear vibrating screen and a square rocking screen?

A photo of a sand screen

Linear vibrating sand screen, commonly known as linear screen, rectangular screen or sand screen, uses two vibrating motors as a driving source to bind screens of different sizes and meshes on a wooden screen frame, and install them in a closed screen box. inside, when the motors run opposite or in reverse.

The centrifugal exciting force generated by the motor is transmitted to each layer of screen in the screen box through the force guide plate of about 35 degrees, and the crushed material is forced to make a linear jumping motion along the screen surface. size separated.

According to the requirements of material screening, the width, length and number of layers of mesh can be customized to meet the requirements of material capacity, fineness and particle size. Therefore, linear vibrating screens are customized on demand, and each sand screen is customized by manufacturers according to customized requirements. of. According to the particle size of the material screened by the linear sand screen, it can be divided into: single-layer screen, double-layer screen, three-layer screen, four-layer screen, five-layer screen and six-layer screen.

Square swing screen, also known as artificial sand screen, the screen frame and screen are installed in the swing screen box obliquely, and dense net bounce balls are installed under each layer of screen frame. The screen frame can be taken out from the rear or front slideway. The machine adopts universal joint suspension, which is driven by the self-exciter to swing back and forth, left and right, and the material reciprocates along the screen surface.

Screening and grading are carried out according to the size of the sieve hole. Because the sieve does not use the up and down vibration mode, the material runs on the screen surface, which is especially suitable for the grading of granular materials with uniform particle size and regular shape. Therefore, the square swing screen is especially suitable for plate sand, pearl sand and external The particle classification of real stone paint for walls is used, and the production capacity is high, and the screening fineness is high.

What are the advantages of linear vibrating screen?

A photo of a sand screen

The linear vibrating sand screen has a fully enclosed structure, good sealing, and reduces dust pollution; large processing capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption, low noise, and long screen life. It can be used in single layer or multi-layer, up to seven layers. The screen frame is generally made of wood. If the screen hole is large and the output is high, the screen frame can be made of steel structure. The contact part is made of stainless steel. It is suitable for the screening of any dry material from 0.074 to 15 mm, and the maximum feeding particle size is preferably no more than 20 mm.

What type of linear vibrating screen in sand screen?

A photo of a sand screen

Sand screens are mainly divided into these types:

  • Carbon steel and stainless steel
  • The screen frame is divided into two types: wooden frame and iron ore
  • According to the screening and separation output, it is divided into two types: light screen and heavy screen.
  • According to the use environment, it is divided into two types: sealed and unsealed.
  • According to the mud content, the washing and dewatering functions can be added

What is the reason for the poor effect of the plane reciprocating screen?

A photo of a sand screen

If the screening effect is not good, it may be related to the movement direction of the eccentric block. Because two groups of eccentric blocks with the same mass are required to rotate in self-synchronized and reverse directions, a single excitation force along the vibration direction is generated in each clockwise direction, forming a fixed angle with the horizontal direction, so that the screen box reciprocates. If it is not in the same phase, the direction of the exciting force and the direction of vibration will not overlap, and the effect of efficient screening will not be achieved.

When the actual processing capacity of the newly replaced or newly installed plane gyratory screen cannot reach the theoretically designed processing capacity, it cannot meet the on-site production requirements. For this problem, the angle of the sieve can be increased and the exciting force can be increased to increase the amplitude. If the requirements cannot be met at this time, the screen surface needs to be transformed, and the sieve hole at the feed end is enlarged, and the sieve hole at the discharge end remains unchanged.

It should be noted that the width of the feeding trough should be moderate. If it is too narrow, the material will not be evenly distributed on the screen surface, and the effective screening area of the screen will not be reasonably and effectively used.

What is the budget for joining the sand screening industry?

A photo of a sand screen
  • The cost of equipment and raw materials, the price of sand and gravel in different regions is different
  • Equipment operating costs, including worker wages, water and electricity costs, and wearing parts costs
  • The cost of complete sets of equipment, including sludge dewatering, sand washing and fine sand recovery, and sand washing.
  • Venue rental fee
  • Management costs, skilled operators or intelligent operating systems are also fundamental to improving corporate efficiency, while saving investment capital.

Are sand screens environmentally friendly ?

A photo of a sand screen
  • Drive directly to the fine sand recovery site, bypassing the process of stone transportation, so there will be no secondary pollution of stones
  • The main configuration of the sand screen is generally a new type of environmental protection sand screen machine, which is environmentally friendly and reduces noise.
  • If the user has higher requirements for environmental protection, the fine sand recycling site can be equipped with a spray dust removal device to eliminate dust; in addition, the conveyor belt of the entire fine sand recycling process can be sealed to limit the spread of dust.

How to calculate the general price of sand screen?

A photo of a sand screen

If the price of the sand screen is lower than the market price, it will definitely fail in terms of quality. Every penny is worth the price, and each manufacturer will not make a loss-making business. If the price is too low, then the sand The quality of the sieve is definitely not good enough. At the same time, many sand screens are specially customized according to requirements, so their prices are not fixed, generally one price per machine.

A photo of a sand screen

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