Selection and use of second-hand crushers

Second-hand crushers are the first choice for many people who have just entered the crushing industry. Compared with the high price of new machines, the price of second-hand machines is relatively cheap. But how to choose the most suitable machine at the lowest price is a problem that needs attention. This article is to tell you how to choose and use second-hand crushers.

A photo of a second-hand crusher


Guidelines for the use of second-hand crushers?

A photo of a second-hand crusher

Before using a second-hand crusher, it is necessary to do an inspection to see if there are foreign objects in the crushing cavity, including materials left in the crushing cavity during subsequent processing, various production tools, iron wires, iron blocks, etc. If found, it needs to be taken out in time. If it is not cleaned out in time, the machine may be damaged when it is working.

Before starting the machine, it is necessary to ensure that the steps of checking the second-hand crusher have been completed, because no matter what, it is necessary to ensure the safe production of the machine and reduce the occurrence of failures. How can the production be more smooth.

Before starting the second-hand crusher, check whether the screws used to fix the machine are loose, and whether the foundation for carrying the machine is too soft. If the screw is found to be loose, it must be reinforced in time, and if the foundation fails, measures must be taken to strengthen it.

Before each use of the machine, it is necessary to check whether the bearings of the machine and other places that need to be lubricated are well lubricated, and whether the lubricating oil at the oil station is sufficient. The lubrication effect of the machine is good, which can produce better and reduce the friction between parts.

At the same time, if you want to use a second-hand crusher, you need to understand the working principle of the machine, so that the materials can be crushed according to the characteristics of the machine.

Maintenance and maintenance of second-hand crushers?

A photo of a second-hand crusher

Each type of crusher equipment has its own maintenance procedures, operating instructions and precautions. First of all, operate the machine according to the normal operation process of each machine and the correct use method, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the machine and reduce the life span. The crusher production line should be equipped with special daily maintenance personnel, and strictly implement the relevant safety rules and regulations.

Secondly, do a good job of lubrication. Generally, the bearing of a machine is an important part of the machine, and it is also an active and vulnerable part, which requires frequent oil changes. The lubricating grease added to the bearing seat must be changed every 90 days or so, and the added grease must be half or three quarters of the volume, and professional grease should be used. If the machine has abnormal noise or any abnormal situation during operation, it must be stopped in time for processing.

Finally, the daily maintenance and daily inspection of the second-hand crusher cannot be ignored, and the habit of daily inspection must be developed. Many hidden dangers may be found through daily inspection and maintenance. If these hidden dangers are dealt with, the normal production and work of the machine can be guaranteed. To correctly handle the relationship between maintenance and repair, we can’t just maintain without maintenance or just maintain without maintenance.

How to choose a second-hand crusher?

A photo of a second-hand crusher

Choose second-hand crushers from regular manufacturers. Because the second-hand machine has been used for a period of time, if you buy a crusher from an informal manufacturer, the crushing quality will definitely not be guaranteed.

Look at the after-sales maintenance records of second-hand crushers. Some second-hand crushers have been returned to the factory for overhaul. If you accidentally buy them, the value of the machine will not be high, so you must check the manufacturer’s maintenance records.

It is necessary to observe the appearance and details of the second-hand crusher. Look at the old and new appearance of the machine, evaluate whether it still has recycling value, and whether all the fastening parts on the machine are still original, and then check whether the overall appearance of the machine has collisions or large-area cutting and welding changes, motors, speed bumps Old and new, whether the gear rotation of the reducer is abnormal, etc.

The above are the things that need to be considered when buying a second-hand machine. These skills are directly related to the recycling value and service life of the second-hand machine. You must pay attention when inspecting the machine.

Common used crusher accessories?

A photo of a second-hand crusher

Second-hand crushers include jaw crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers, and cone crushers. When buying these second-hand machines, in addition to checking the machines, you should also consider whether the accessories of these machines are easy to find. Now mainly introduce the common accessories of these machines:

Jaw crusher accessories: jaw plate, side guard plate, toggle plate;

Impact crusher accessories: blow bar, impact quickly;

Hammer crusher accessories: hammer head, lining plate, sieve plate;

Cone crusher accessories: crushing wall, rolling mortar wall.

When buying a second-hand crusher, you should also pay attention to whether these accessories are easy to find. If it is not easy to find, you may encounter a lot of trouble after purchasing.

What are the performance advantages and maintenance methods of second-hand crushers?

A photo of a second-hand crusher

Although the performance of the second-hand crusher has reached an unprecedented stage of maturity, we still need to maintain it carefully in our work. After the crusher is put into operation, a comprehensive inspection must be carried out when each shift is completed. Carry out a comprehensive inspection of the motor and lubrication of the crusher every week, and replace the wearing parts, the gap between the rotor and the liner in time, and regularly check the temperature of the liner, blow bar, and bearings.

In addition, in the usual operation, it is necessary to check the bearing temperature of the crusher in time. Improper use and maintenance will also lead to a decrease in the service life of the second-hand crusher, so we must pay attention to these problems. Only in this way can the machine be used for a longer period of time.

Should I choose a second-hand crusher or a new machine?

A photo of a second-hand crusher

A second-hand machine is a used machine. There are various uncertain factors in the machine itself, which will cause different degrees of wear and tear. These are things that we cannot directly see with our eyes, and they will only be reflected when they are used.

Second-hand crusher machines have appeared on the market for many years, and the update speed of the product itself is relatively fast with the development of the industry. If the production capacity of the machine itself does not meet the expected requirements, it is recommended to choose a new machine, but if If you simply want to try the crushing industry, you can choose a second-hand machine first.

A photo of a second-hand crusher

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