Introduction of single roll crusher

Single roll crusher is a kind of roll crusher and is a common crushing machine, suitable for coarse crushing, medium crushing or fine crushing of materials below medium hardness such as coal, limestone, cement clinker, etc.

single roll crusher

What is a Roll Crusher?

single roll crusher

The roller crusher is a machine that uses the friction force of the roller surface to send the material into the crushing area, so that the material is crushed or crushed. When it is used for coarse crushing or needs to increase the crushing ratio, crushing teeth or grooves are often made on the roller surface to increase the splitting effect. Roller crushers are usually divided into single-roller, double-roller and multi-roller crushers according to the number of rollers. They are suitable for coarse, medium or fine crushing of coal, limestone, cement clinker and feldspar and other materials below medium hardness.

What are the advantages of single roll crusher?

single roll crusher
  • The toothed roller shaft, crown and grating plate of the single-roll crusher all adopt the inner channel water cooling system, which has excellent cooling effect.
  • The single-roll crusher reducer adopts a fully enclosed gearbox structure, which has low operating noise and ensures no oil leakage.
  • The single-roll crusher adopts fully enclosed rolling bearings, which is easy to repair and reduces maintenance costs.
  • The single-roll crusher adopts spiral toothed roller arrangement to prolong the service life of the crusher.
  • The tooth plate of the single-roll crusher is fixed on the hub by screws, which is easy to replace and saves time and effort.
  • The single roll crusher adopts alloy steel tooth plates, and the surface is covered with a surfacing wear-resistant layer to ensure the working efficiency of the machine.
  • The driving end of the toothed roller of the single-roll crusher is equipped with a safety bushing, and the crusher will stop immediately for protection once it is overloaded.

The structure of single roll crusher?

single roll crusher

The single roll crusher is also called the jaw roll crusher. The single roll crusher is composed of a rotating roller and a tooth plate. The surface of the roller of the crusher is inlaid with many crushing teeth to increase the size of the crushed material. After the crushing teeth are worn out, they can be removed and replaced with new ones. Similar to the tooth plate of the crushing cavity formed by the rollers and the movable jaw of the jaw crusher, the upper end is suspended on the mandrel, and the lower end is supported on the support seat connected with the safety spring.

When non-broken objects fall in, the tooth plate squeezes the supporting seat, and the supporting seat continues to compress the spring through the screw, nut and pressing plate to enlarge the discharge door, so that the non-broken objects can be discharged. After the non-broken objects are discharged, the discharge port is restored to its original size by the action of the spring. The two ends of the roller shaft are supported on the sliding bearings installed in the two side walls of the machine base, and the motor drives the roller to rotate through the V-belt and a pair of gears.

The advantage of the single roll crusher is that it can use smaller diameter rolls, can process larger pieces of material, and has a larger crushing particle size, and at the same time the product particle size is relatively uniform, which cannot be achieved by large double roll crushers. of.

Single roll crusher is suitable for crushing medium-hard or soft materials, such as limestone, hard clay and coal. When the material is sticky and wet, its crushing effect is better than that of jaw crusher and cone crusher, especially for crushing sheet materials.

How does a single roll crusher work?

single roll crusher

The outer surface of the single roll crusher roller and the inner curved surface of the jaw plate suspended on the mandrel form a crushing cavity, and the lower part of the jaw plate has a support seat. The crushing chamber is composed of a rotating roller and a jaw plate. The toothed roller bushing is installed on the roller core with studs, and the tooth tip protrudes forward like an olecranon, and the roller bushing can be replaced after wear.

The jaw plate is suspended on the mandrel, and the inner surface of the jaw plate is inlaid with a wear-resistant lining plate. The jaw plate is pulled towards the roller by means of two pull rods by means of the spring pressure on the frame, so that the jaw plate and the roller maintain a certain distance. The roller shaft is supported on bearings mounted on both sides of the machine frame.

When the machine is working, the material fed between the two rollers is affected by the friction between the rollers and the material, and as the rollers rotate, they are bitten and entered, and then brought into the crushing chamber between the two rollers, and then squeezed and crushed from the bottom. discharge. If unbreakable material falls into the crushing chamber, the spring is compressed at this time, the jaw plate leaves the roller and enlarges the discharge port to discharge the material, thereby avoiding damage to the crusher.

Daily maintenance of single roll crusher?

single roll crusher
  • Newly installed tires are prone to loosening and must be checked frequently
  • Before working, you must start the roller crusher first, and then feed the machine after the speed is normal. When stopping the machine, you must first stop the feeding.
  • The machine should not be overloaded, pay attention to electrical instruments at all times
  • Pay attention to check the wear degree of wearing parts, and replace worn parts at any time
  • Regularly check the condition of the discharge port, if any blockage is found, it should be removed in time
  • Bearing oil temperature is too high, immediately stop the machine and check
  • Pay attention to the fastening of the bolts of each component at any time, if any looseness is found, tighten it immediately
  • Oil the bearings in time and check for oil leakage
  • When the rotating gear is running, if there is an impact sound, stop the machine immediately and eliminate it.
  • The dust or other things placed on the bottom frame plane of the movable device shall be removed in time, and the movement of the movable bearing shall be ensured.
single roll crusher

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