How to choose a small PTO rock crusher

The small pto rock crusher is one of the most important equipment in the mining industry at present, and it is the main production equipment of many small mines. This article mainly introduces what is a small pto rock crusher; the types of small pto rock crushers; the main working principle of small pto rock crushers; and how to buy second-hand small pto rock crushers.

A photo of a small PTO rock crusher


What is a Small PTO Rock Crusher?

A photo of a small PTO rock crusher

Small power rock crusher is a general term for small mining equipment. It does not refer to a single crusher. Many small mine crushers can be called small power rock crushers. Small-scale power rock crushers play a vital role in the entire crushing industry. Not every practitioner can own a large-scale crusher, which requires a lot of capital, while small-scale power rock crushers rely on their lower prices. It has always been popular in the industry.

What are the types of small pto rock crushers?

A photo of a small PTO rock crusher

Small jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is often used in the initial crushing stage of rock, which can meet the needs of rough crushing of various hardness materials. It works with extruded and crushed raw materials. After the materials enter the crushing cavity, they are squeezed back and forth by the movable jaw and the static jaw. After several times of extrusion and grinding, the material with the desired particle size can be obtained. The jaw crusher has a deep cavity and no dead zone, and the material is fully crushed.

Small Hammer Crusher

The hammer crusher mainly relies on the impact force of the hammer to carry out the crushing work, which can achieve the effect of one crushing and one forming, realize the situation that one crusher can solve all the problems, and save the use cost. The hammer crusher has uniform discharge granularity and good grain shape. During use, the discharge granularity can be changed by adjusting the gap between the grate bars to meet different discharge requirements.

Roller Crusher

The counter-roll crusher is mainly used for fine crushing with a particle size of less than 80 mm. It has the advantages of small volume, large crushing ratio, simple structure and convenient maintenance. To achieve more crushing and less grinding, it can improve the normal work efficiency.

Fine crusher

The fine crusher is also called the superfine crusher, which is especially suitable for the production of abrasives. Compared with the traditional fine crushing machine, this equipment can save half of the energy, such as cobblestone, quartzite, steel sand, concrete aggregate, asphalt aggregate which are hard and brittle The work of the fine crusher can be selected for the medium and fine crushing of materials. These consumable parts are all made of good materials with high wear resistance, which have good wear resistance and low failure rate.

Bipolar Crusher

This is a new type of crushing equipment, which has the functions of coarse crushing, fine crushing and fine grinding. It can process various ores, with an output of 20 to 180 tons per hour, double cavity type, double rotor crushing, high crushing efficiency, and can crush high humidity at the same time. Materials, small footprint and large crushing ratio.

Compound Crusher

Compound crusher for short, is a vertical crusher without sieve bars, which can be debugged. It has dual functions of fine crushing and coarse grinding. It can crush materials with a particle size of less than 100 mm, with an output of 5 to 100 tons per hour. The wear and tear is small, durable, simple in structure, low in operating cost, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

What is the composition of jaw crusher in small pto rock crusher?

A photo of a small PTO rock crusher

The jaw crusher in the small pto rock crusher is mainly composed of a frame, a jaw plate, a side guard plate and a main shaft. These are several main components of jaw crusher. The jaw plate of the jaw crusher can be cast in one piece or welded, and the small pto rock crusher is usually cast in one piece.

Frame: Welding quality and frame material are important factors affecting the service life of the jaw crusher. The frame of the small pto rock crusher is usually welded by castings or steel plates, and the material is cast steel. The durability of steel and the high overall surface finish make the crusher not only beautiful, but also have a long service life.

Jaw plate: Jaw plate is the main crushing component of jaw crusher, and the jaw plate interacts to crush ore by squeezing, splitting and crushing. The jaw plate is made of machined, mostly high manganese steel. The jaw plate is divided into fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate. The jaw plate is made of high manganese steel, which has the advantages of strong compressive strength, good wear resistance and long service life.

Side guard: The side guard with broken claws is used to protect the whole machine, and the side guard is mainly made of high manganese steel.

Main shaft: The main shaft also refers to the eccentric shaft of the crusher, and the main shaft must bear a lot of pressure during the crushing process. The material is generally alloy carbon structural steel, which has very good mechanical properties and is durable.

What is the working principle of the jaw crusher in the small pto rock crusher?

A photo of a small PTO rock crusher

The power source of the small pto rock crusher mainly comes from the pressure oil of the hydraulic pump, which drives the pressure oil into the crusher, and through the energy release of the nitrogen chamber, the piston is rapidly pushed down to realize the crushing work. It has been further developed on the basis of the original, with the hydraulic pump as the main power source, the hydraulic oil as the working medium, the hydraulic pressure to drive the piston to reciprocate to do work, and to output energy to achieve work.

When the small pto rock crusher is working, it receives hydraulic power through the valve system, pushes the piston to move to the tail, compresses the gas, and stores energy. When the piston moves to the specified position at the tail, the valve is adjusted to the hydraulic direction, which pushes the piston to move in the opposite direction.

At the same time, the gas expansion pushes the piston downward together, hitting the material to achieve crushing. It is a special equipment for coarse crushing of ore, with high crushing force, which can crush all kinds of high-hardness ores, and is also an ideal equipment for crushing ores.

Factors Affecting Jaw Crusher in Small PTO Rock Crusher?

A photo of a small PTO rock crusher

The hardness of the material: the harder the material, the more difficult it is to break, and the more serious the wear on the equipment; the slower the crushing speed, the lower the production capacity.

Material composition: The more fine powder the material contains before the small pto rock crusher, the more it will affect the production capacity, because these fine powders are easy to adhere and affect transportation. Therefore, the materials with high fine powder content need to be screened once in advance to remove the fine dust on the materials as much as possible, so as not to affect the normal operation of the small pto rock crusher.

The fineness of the discharged material: the fineness requirement is high, that is, the finer the crushed material, the lower the crushing capacity. It depends on the specific requirements. If there are no special requirements, the general material fineness can be set to medium fine.

The viscosity of the material: the higher the viscosity of the material, the easier it is to adhere. The high viscosity material adheres to the inner wall of the crushing cavity of the small pto rock crusher. If it cannot be cleaned in time, it will affect the working efficiency of the small pto rock crusher and may also affect the normal operation of the small pto rock crusher. In serious cases, when selecting materials, we must pay attention that the viscosity of the materials should not be too large.

Humidity of the material: If the moisture in the material is large, the material will easily adhere to the small pto rock crusher, which will easily cause blockage during the feeding and conveying process, resulting in a reduction in the amount of sand.

What are the pros and cons of buying a used small PTO rock breaker?

A photo of a small PTO rock crusher

Pros of buying a used small PTO rock breaker:


In general, the price of a second-hand small pto rock crusher is cheaper than some new equipment. For example, if the price of a brand new small pto rock crusher is 100,000 yuan, then the price of a second-hand small pto rock crusher is 100,000 yuan. The price may be between 60,000 and 80,000. This is one of the highlights of attracting users. The price is cheap, which naturally makes users buy second-hand machines in order to reduce output.


Users who think second-hand small PTO rock breakers are a substitute are basically newcomers who plan to have low operating costs and want to give it a try, so that customers will use second-hand small PTO rock breakers as a substitute, etc. After the capital operation is better, consider replacing the equipment, which is also a highlight of the second-hand small pto rock crusher to attract users.

Disadvantages of buying a used small PTO rock breaker:

  • The service life and work value are difficult to estimate, and the relationship between price and value cannot be directly judged.
  • It is difficult to truly guarantee the after-sale service, and it is likely that the repair and maintenance costs of the equipment after the sale need to be borne by the users themselves.
  • Crusher is a high-wear equipment. No matter how well it has been maintained before, it is difficult to resist the loss of its parts. It needs to replace parts frequently, which will bring some unnecessary maintenance costs to the subsequent production work.
  • The potential risk is high, and the internal parts are difficult to judge. Some manufacturers may repaint the outdated equipment, and use the old to replace the new. The price is too high and the value is not great. This is the so-called more investment and less return.

How to compare the manufacturers of these used equipment?

A photo of a small PTO rock crusher

Online comparison

First of all, you need to check on the computer, compare several products, and then choose a few suitable products.

Telephone consultation

After choosing a suitable product, we will further communicate with the manufacturer by telephone to learn more details and have a general understanding of the product.

Field investigation

Conduct on-the-spot investigation and consultation for the manufacturers that have been known, pay attention to inspecting product quality, understand product performance and after-sales service of the manufacturer, and then select the most suitable manufacturer after comparison.

A photo of a small PTO rock crusher

This is the whole introduction of the small pto rock crusher in this article. I don’t know if everyone has a clear understanding of the small power rock crusher. If there are still some problems that you don’t understand, it doesn’t matter. You can leave a comment below the article. There are other excellent articles on our website and you are welcome to continue browsing.

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