What you need to know about small stone crushers

High-rise buildings are built every day, which means that a lot of sand and gravel is consumed every day. More consumption means more business opportunities. Are you excited about these opportunities?
But in the face of those expensive equipment, small crushing opportunities are your secret weapon to seize business opportunities!

1、What is a small stone crusher and why choose a small stone crusher

Small stone crusher refers to the crushing equipment with small model, small output and small specification, that is, compared with traditional large-scale crushing equipment, its output and specification are small.
The most important reason for choosing a small stone crusher is its price advantage. Although the output of small stone crushers is not comparable to that of large stone crushing equipment, the advantages of small stone crushers are highlighted compared to the price and energy consumption of traditional large equipment.

2、Some small stone crusher equipment

There are so many types of small stone crushers on the market, and people are dazzled. Which one is the best? The following is a brief introduction of several small stone crushers for your reference.

AS Jaw Crusher

AS Jaw Crusher

AS series jaw crusher is characterized by sturdiness, durability and easy operation. It adopts hydraulic adjustment system, which can adjust the size of the tight side discharge port easily and quickly. The jaw crusher range is assembled with heavy duty components for optimized operation and extended service life. This range of crushers is designed for crushing hard rock, ore and blasted concrete in the quarry, mining and recycling industries.

Productivity (kW)110160
Theoretical feed size (mm)1070×7601100×850
Weight (kg)1730029500
CSS range (mm)80-20070-200
Production capacity (t/h)132-430190-625
Standard adjustmenthydraulic wedgehydraulic wedge
rack systemBolted CastingBolted Casting
Lubrication systemGrease lubricationGrease lubrication
Product parameters

GC series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

GC series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

GC series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has the characteristics of superior performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable operation, high quality of crushed products, and low operating cost. It can fully meet the production needs of medium crushing.

Motor (kW)132-250kW200-355kW
Feed (mm)320mm400mm
Output (t/h)180-530t/h300-870t/h
Basic configuration weight (kg)16,250kg33,350kg
Crusher width (mm)2330mm2770mm
Crusher height (mm)2545mm3225mm
adjustment devicehydraulic cylinderhydraulic cylinder
Product parameters

VC series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

VC series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Adopting full roller bearing design, fixed cone rotating to adjust crushing gap, ultra-high-density crushing; large thickness of moving cone lining plate and fixed cone lining plate, long service life, unique shape of crushing cavity, large capacity, high finished product passing rate, particle size Good shape, automatic control system, one-key adjustment of target crushing gap value, easy operation and high safety.

Motor (kW)160kW250kW
Feed (mm)160220
Output (t/h)85-220110-370
Basic configuration weight (kg)10000kg25000kg
Crusher width (mm)2100mm3060mm
Crusher height (mm)1545mm2450mm
adjustment devicehydraulic cylinderhydraulic cylinder
Product parameters

IH series impact crusher

IH series impact crusher

IH series impact crushers are professionally developed for primary crushing in mining, quarrying and resource recovery industries.

Maximum feed particle size (mm)450560
Power (kW)160250
Processing capacity (t/h)120-230136-272
Product parameters

US Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

US Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

The vertical shaft impact crusher adopts the centrifugal crushing method without throwing hammer. Through the principle of “stone hitting stone”, the rotor can crush, pulverize and shape the raw materials entering the crusher, and achieve self-generated crushing. cycle) crushing and shaping, obviously improving the grain shape, it is very suitable for 3 times crushing and sand making.

Feed particle size (mm)4040
Processing capacity (t/h)230440
Weight (kg)1000020000
Power (Kw)250250×2
Dimensions (mm)4100×2626×21107400×2506×2610
Product parameters

3、How to choose a small stone crusher

There are differences in performance due to differences in models. Generally speaking, the size of the feed transportation volume or the size of the particle size formed is related to the model, and the size of the crushing ratio formed is also different, and the overall production capacity will be quite different. It is necessary to determine the model you need according to your actual needs (the characteristics of sand making raw materials, production capacity requirements, power, equipment usage, discharge particle size, and finished product application fields).

4、small stone crusher price

How much does it cost to buy a small crusher ? The cheap is tens of thousands of usd , and the expensive is only hundreds of thousands of usd , which is mainly determined by the type and model selected by the user . The most important point is that everything is negotiable, so part of the specific price is within your grasp.

The above is a brief introduction to the small stone crusher. If you still have problems that have not been solved, such as what kind of machine do you want to choose, or how to get the price, you can continue to pay attention to us and leave a message under the article, we will An answer.

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