Characteristics and daily maintenance of tracked jaw crusher

tracked jaw crusher is a common mobile crusher. It is widely used in various mines and various environments with complex working conditions. This article mainly introduces what is a tracked jaw crusher, the working characteristics of the tracked jaw crusher and the maintenance of the tracked jaw crusher.

A photo of a tracked jaw crusher

What is a tracked jaw crusher?

A photo of a tracked jaw crusher

Crawler-type jaw crusher, also known as crawler-type mobile crushing station, hydraulic-driven crawler-type mobile crushing station, is a kind of high-efficiency crushing equipment, which adopts self-driving mode, advanced technology and complete functions. It has excellent work mobility and adaptability to the work site. It does not require various preliminary preparations before the fixed crusher is installed. It can complete the station adjustment in a short time and enter the working state at any time.

This reduces material handling operations and facilitates coordination of all auxiliary machinery. Through wireless remote control, it is very easy to drive the crusher to the trailer and transport it to the place where the work is required.

What are the characteristics of tracked jaw crusher?

A photo of a tracked jaw crusher
  • The tracked jaw crusher is light in weight and small in size, especially suitable for work in narrow sites
  • Convenient transportation, the crawler type can be suitable for a variety of road surfaces, and has a wide range of applications
  • It integrates the process equipment of receiving, crushing, and conveying. Through the optimization of the process flow, it has excellent crushing performance for rock crushing, aggregate production and open-pit mining. It can be combined with different models to form a powerful crusher. Work pipeline, which can complete multi-demand processing functions
  • The whole machine adopts all-wheel drive, which can realize in-situ steering, standard configuration, quick-change device, and has perfect safety protection function, especially suitable for narrow and complex areas of the site
  • Save fuel, fuel saving rate improved a lot
  • The machine is portable with power for rent, using the optimized design
  • It can work uphill to meet the engineering crushing requirements of mines, hydropower stations and coal mines

What is the use of tracked jaw crusher?

A photo of a tracked jaw crusher
  • Tracked jaw crusher has the characteristics of multi-function work
  • It is widely used in mining, coal mine, cement industry mining and primary crushing of hard materials on site
  • Recycling of construction waste, earthwork, urban infrastructure, site work on roads or construction sites
  • Processing of topsoil and various other materials, separation of cohesive concrete aggregates, post-crushing screening in the construction and blasting industries
  • Peeling crushing for cement concrete road reconstruction, crushing before recycling of asphalt concrete

What is the difference between tracked jaw crusher and tire mobile jaw crusher?

A photo of a tracked jaw crusher


Tire type: The appearance is similar to a car, the whole machine is driven by the front of the car, and the body is a streamlined structure. It is very convenient to change the workplace after the tire is rotated.

Crawler: Just like a tank, the fully hydraulically driven crawler chassis enhances the adaptability of the equipment and has a stronger grip.

Manufacturing process

Tyre type: It adopts computer remote control technology. Unlike the crawler type, it requires staff to drive to the scene, and it does not damage the road surface when driving on the road. It can cope with most working conditions.

Crawler type: The whole machine can be driven by remote control, with a higher degree of automation. The whole machine occupies a smaller area than the tire type, making it easier to move, and can easily cope with complex terrain.

Applicable venue

Tire type: Since the tire type mobile jaw crusher adopts vehicle traction, it is more suitable for the crushing of various sand and gravel materials in some construction waste disposal, earth and stone engineering, urban infrastructure and road construction, and construction industries.

Crawler type: The chassis of the tracked jaw crusher adopts a crawler type all-steel ship-type structure, which has high strength, low ground pressure ratio, good passability, good adaptability to mountains and wetlands, and can even achieve climbing work, so It is often used in the mining of some mines and in the harsh operating environment of open-pit coal mining.

What are the advantages of tracked jaw crusher?

A photo of a tracked jaw crusher

Mobile operation, flexible working methods. The mobile station adopts the installation form of all integrated equipment for feeding, conveying and crushing, which not only avoids the complicated work of component installation, but also reduces the consumption of materials and working time. It can use an independent movable chassis for different crushing equipment, with a small turning radius, suitable for a variety of road conditions, and can be used for climbing work, overcoming the limitations of the site, and the working mode is flexible.

Device configuration is optional. The mobile crushing station can not only be used independently, but also can provide more flexible machine process configuration according to the different requirements of customers, so as to meet the various requirements of users for mobile crushing and mobile screening, making the logistics transfer more efficient and can be larger. reduced costs.

Material transportation costs are low. The crawler-type jaw crusher can be driven directly to the site to process materials directly on site, eliminating the need for transportation. The advantage of this is that the transportation cost of materials is greatly reduced.

Easy maintenance and reliable performance. Ease of maintenance is the key to a good reputation for machinery. The tracked jaw crusher has been optimized and strengthened with higher strength, better performance and more compact structure.

Wide range of applications. tracked jaw crushers are widely used in mines, coal mines, recycling and reuse of garbage and construction waste, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites. At the same time, tracked jaw crushers are also suitable for many kinds of materials.

Maintenance of tracked jaw crusher?

A photo of a tracked jaw crusher

Check before starting:

  • Before the production of the equipment, please confirm that the main unit is placed basically horizontal, stable, unstable, and working in an inclined state will aggravate the wear and tear of the internal parts of the equipment, and even cause damage to the equipment.
  • Confirm that the jaw crusher motor tooth plate, fixed tooth plate and lining plate are in good condition, and there is no foreign matter or accumulated material in the crushing cavity. Check that the jaw crusher body is connected, positioned with the frame, and the belt drive mechanism is in normal condition.
  • Check and confirm that the lining plate and screen bar of the feeder are in good condition, and check that the connection of the receiving hopper and the relevant working positioning of the elastic support of the feeder are normal.
  • Check the status of waste conveyor and main belt feeder.
  • Check the working positioning and connection status of each part.
  • Check the sealing condition of the lubricating device for oil leakage, whether there is dust entering, whether the oil quality is good, and whether the amount of lubricating oil is appropriate.
  • Check the sealing condition of each place, whether there is leakage of material or ash, and whether the inspection door and inspection hole are sealed tightly.
  • Check that each operating control device is in good condition.
  • Confirm that the power supply voltage of the device is normal.
  • Various safety facilities and lighting facilities to ensure the personal safety of equipment and staff.
  • Confirm whether the instruments are in good condition and whether the signal is normal.
  • Confirm whether the position of the circuit switch is in a ready state, and confirm that the metal part of the body is reliably grounded.
  • Confirm the conditions of the materials to be crushed, such as material particle size, moisture content, sundries, and storage capacity.
  • In order to exert the maximum performance of the equipment, the soil content in the raw materials should be controlled below 5%, and the moisture content should be below 10%.
  • Confirm the feeding situation, feeding method and feeding capacity of the materials to be crushed.
  • Confirm the transfer situation, transfer method and transfer capacity of finished materials.

In production run check:

  • Check whether the transmission mechanism of the jaw crusher operates normally.
  • Check the working conditions of the bearings of each running mechanism, whether the temperature rise and lubrication are normal.
  • Check whether each conveyor belt is deviated, whether each idler is running normally, and whether there is abnormal noise and friction.
  • Always check the operating status of each mechanism, and pay attention to the current indication value. When it is found that the current of the main engine exceeds the specified value, the feeding speed should be reduced, the feeding particle size should be reduced or the machine should be stopped immediately.
  • According to the material conditions, the feeding amount can be adjusted at any time to prevent blockage or motor overload.
  • Check the material flow of each part, deal with blockage and overflow in time to ensure smooth and safe flow.
  • Check whether the instruments are in good condition and whether the signal lights are normal.
  • Check various safety facilities and lighting facilities to ensure the safety of equipment and staff.
  • If any abnormal situation is found, it should be stopped in time for processing.
A photo of a tracked jaw crusher

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