Can I buy a used crusher? What’s the point?

Environmental protection is an inescapable topic of development. Because of environmental protection, many crusher factories have closed down, which has led to a lot of used crushers on the market. Can we buy these second-hand crushers? Now let’s take a look at this question, I believe you will have an answer after reading the article.

  • Can I buy a second-hand crusher?
  • What should you pay attention to when choosing a used crusher?
  • Disadvantages of used crushers over new machines
  • Guidelines for the use of used crushers

Can I buy a second-hand crusher?

Of course you can buy it. As a relatively cheap equipment in the industry, second-hand crushers are an important part of the entire industry. When there is a demand for crushers, second-hand crushers can of course be purchased.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a used crusher?


Although the motor is a mature industrial product, there is no essential difference between the motor of a second-hand crusher and a brand-new crusher that has been in normal operation for several years, but some manufacturers will use the crusher for a long time in order to increase the output, which may lead to the use of the second-hand crusher. Chance has some influence, so the motor is the point we should pay attention to when buying a used crusher.


The bearing is the most important part of the crusher, so when buying a second-hand crusher, you should check the quality of the second-hand crusher bearing.

Wearing parts

Consumable parts are the collective name of some parts of the crusher that are in direct contact with the stone. Generally, second-hand crushers do not have replacement parts, they need to be purchased by themselves, and the quality of these consumable parts will directly affect your output, so in When buying a second-hand crusher, it is important to check the maintenance of these parts.


If you don’t have a lot of experience, directly installing the crusher may cause damage to the crusher, so before buying a second-hand crusher, you must ask the other party, will they provide installation? Will there be an installation manual?

Disadvantages of used crushers over new machines


The price of second-hand crushers is low, but the possibility of failures in the later stage of the equipment is more likely, especially the components of second-hand crushers have different degrees of wear, such as bearings and other internal parts, it is difficult to distinguish their integrity, whether the internal sealing of equipment Good, etc., the number of replacements may be more frequent in the later stage, and the cost incurred is not lower than the investment cost of buying a new crusher.

After-sales service

Buy a second-hand crusher, not to mention whether the service period has expired, even if it does not arrive, because the second-hand equipment is generally resold among the middlemen, the previous manufacturers may not provide help. Equipment, later failures will inevitably occur, so the manufacturer’s later service is also very important .

Production capacity

After all, the second-hand crusher has been used for a period of time, and the output in the production process may not reach the ideal state, or may not meet the production requirements, so these are the aspects that need to be considered when purchasing a second-hand crusher.

Guidelines for the use of used crushers

Before using the second-hand crusher, make an inspection to see if there are foreign objects in the crushing cavity, including materials left in the cavity during subsequent processing, various production tools, iron wires, iron blocks, etc. If there is, take it out in time. If these things are inside, after starting the machine, it may burn out the motor or wire block due to excessive load, and damage the internal movable jaw plate and other parts of the machine.

Before starting the second-hand crusher, check whether the screws used to fix the machine are loose, and whether the foundation carrying the machine is too soft. If the screws are found to be loose, they should be fixed in time. If the foundation is too soft, it should be reinforced in time.

Before each use of the equipment, it is necessary to check whether the bearings of the machine and other places that need to be lubricated are well lubricated, and whether the lubricating oil in the oil station is sufficient. The machine has good lubrication effect, which can produce better production and reduce friction between parts.

Before the final start-up, check whether the preparatory measures for the second-hand crusher have been completed, because in any case, it is important to protect the employees and prevent problems before they occur, so that the production can be completed more smoothly.

At last the most important point for buying a second-hand crusher is to choose a regular manufacturer to buy, and do not easily believe some advertisements. If you are still unclear after reading the article, please leave a comment, we will answer your questions, and you are welcome to continue browsing our other articles.

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