How much is the vertical cement silo price?

A vertical cement silo is a kind of cone-shaped material storage silo, suitable for storing various materials such as grain, cement, and fly ash. The silo is equipped with a positioning system to show the position and weight of the materials. The removable bottom device of the vertical cement silo can eliminate the clogging caused by the deposition of materials; it can also unload the objects falling into the silo faster.

This article will give a detailed introduction to vertical cement silos and what price vertical cement silos are.

Here is the outline of this article.

Price of vertical cement silo

At present, the price of vertical cement silos in the market is generally from $5000 to $10, 00. The price difference is mainly due to the different capacities of the cement silo, as well as the different materials, accessories, technology, and performance of the equipment.

Model of vertical cement silo

According to the capacity size of a cement silo, vertical cement silo models are 30 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons, 150 tons, 200 tons, 300 tons, 500 tons, 600 tons, etc.

The static upright silos have capacities from 200 to 800 tons. These are considered a low-maintenance option for the storage of cement or other powders. Cement silos can be used in conjunction with bin-fed batching plants. [1][2]

vertical cement silo
Vertical cement silo

Composition of vertical cement silo

A vertical cement silo consists of the following parts: steel structure part of the silo, climbing ladder, guardrail, feeding pipe, dust collector, pressure valve, high and low-level meter, discharge valve, etc.

Structure of vertical cement silo

The vertical cement silo is a cylindrical structure with four round pipe legs supporting the whole silo at the bottom, and the whole silo is welded in the form of steel structure; the top is equipped with dust collector and pressure valve.

Working principle of vertical cement silo

1、When the cement silo works, it needs to be erected by the crane and then put on the precast concrete foundation, and check the verticality of the cement silo with the horizontal surface after erecting, and then weld its bottom with the foundation pre-built parts firmly.

2、After the storage silo is fixed, the cement is transported to the site by the bulk cement truck, and then the conveying pipeline of the bulk cement truck is connected with the feeding pipeline of the cement silo, and the cement in the truck silo is transported to the cement silo through the gas pressure of the bulk cement truck.

3, In the process of conveying cement to the silo, the operator should press the button of the dust collector vibration motor uninterruptedly to shake off the cement attached to the dust collector bags, not to block the bags.

4、Once the bag is blocked, the pressure inside the silo is greater than the pressure of the pressure valve at the top of the silo, the pressure valve can be opened to release the pressure inside the silo.

5、The high and low material level can be observed to see whether the silo is full or short of material.

6、When the material needs to be released, first open the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cone, and then convey the cement out through the cement conveying device. In the process of material release, if the phenomenon of “arching” occurs, press the button of the solenoid valve of the arch-breaking device to blow air, do not feed material when “arching” occurs, and let the cement supply smoothly.

7、When the cement conveying device fault occurs, close the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cone first to prevent the cement from overflowing and causing waste.



[2] Bin-fed batching plant:

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