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Vertical shaft impact crusher, also known as sand making machine, is widely used in the crushing of various rocks, abrasives, refractory materials, cement clinker, quartz stone, iron ore, and concrete aggregates. This article mainly introduces what is a vertical shaft impact crusher, the main types of vertical shaft impact crushers, the working principle and some main characteristics of vertical shaft impact crushers.

A photo of a vertical shaft impact crusher

What is a vertical shaft impact crusher?

A photo of a vertical shaft impact crusher

Vertical shaft impact crusher is a kind of rock crushing equipment, which has the characteristics of stable and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and high sand production rate. Therefore, the vertical shaft impact crusher is also called sand making machine, which is widely used for medium and fine crushing of various hard and brittle materials such as rock, abrasive, refractory, cement clinker, quartz stone, iron ore, and concrete aggregate. It is especially suitable for construction sand and road construction sand.

What are the main types of vertical shaft impact crushers?

A photo of a vertical shaft impact crusher

There are two main types of vertical shaft impact crushers. One is that the material is thrown onto the jaw plate in the crusher shell, which is called rock impact metal crusher. The natural angle of repose is accumulated in the shell, and the material impacts the rock layer at a great speed, causing it to be broken to some extent.

After the rock is thrown to an inclined surface, it deflects upward to the upper part of the crushing chamber, and then moves downward, and then the rock continuously thrown from the rotor is subjected to secondary crushing, which is called a rock impact crusher.

In the vertical shaft impact crusher, the peripheral speed of the impeller or rotor is very high, and even small materials will be effectively crushed for the materials entering the crusher. The machine has no impact hammer, the metal wear is very small, and the feeding particle size is generally less than 60 mm. It can be used to crush hard corrosive materials, and can selectively crush soft and hard materials. It has drying performance and can pass through mixed metals or replace rod mills.

The main working principle of vertical shaft impact crusher?

A photo of a vertical shaft impact crusher

The material enters the vertical shaft impact crusher from the feeding hopper. The material is divided into two parts by the distributor. One part enters the high-speed rotating impeller from the middle of the distributor, and is rapidly accelerated in the impeller, and its acceleration can reach hundreds of times of gravity. Acceleration, and then ejected from the three evenly distributed flow channels of the impeller at a speed of 60 to 70 meters per second. First, a part of the material that is automatically collected and dropped around the distributor is impacted and broken.

Then they impinge on the material lining in the vortex branch cavity together, bounced by the material lining, and hit the top of the vortex cavity obliquely upward, and then change its direction of movement, deflecting to move downward, and the material emitted from the impeller channel forms a continuous ‘s material. Such a piece of material is subjected to two or more times of impact, friction and grinding and crushing in the whirling crushing chamber.

The crushed material is discharged from the lower discharge port, and forms a closed circuit with the circulating screening system. Generally, the material can be crushed into 20 mesh or less after three cycles. During the whole crushing process, the materials are impacted and crushed by themselves, not in direct contact with the metal elements, but crushed by impact and friction with the material lining, which reduces pollution and prolongs the service life of the machinery. The airflow is self-circulating, eliminating dust pollution.

What are the advantages of vertical shaft impact crusher?

A photo of a vertical shaft impact crusher

The design of vertical shaft impact crushers, like other impact equipment, relies on the collision between ore and hard objects, so they have the same basic characteristics as other impact crushers, and their design is better than extrusion. This top-fed, bottom-driven vertical shaft impact crusher is lightweight and compact, making it easy to install in existing or new workflows.

There is a lug device in the crushing cavity, so that the retained material has an angle of repose, the crushed material first moves upward, and then is discharged from the rotor through the material flow. The geometry of the ore metal vertical shaft impact crusher further achieves the effect of natural crushing by minimizing the number of collisions of a given ore block with other materials.

The ore material falls into the ore material distributor through the feeder, which evenly distributes the material between the guide impellers. If the feeding port is large enough, crushing the minerals along the natural interface can obtain a high particle size and crushing ratio, and can produce good product particles. The rotor sprays the material horizontally onto the impact plane in the crushing chamber through centrifugal force at a very high speed.

The crusher for ore and ore is designed to have a lower crushing rate than the ore and metal crusher. In mining, it is mainly used for the crushing stage of rock, such as being arranged in front of the ball mill. The crushed material falls into the discharge area, which is the basic working principle of the vertical shaft impact crusher. The product is not only perfect but also beautiful in appearance.

Comparison of vertical shaft impact crusher and horizontal crusher?

A photo of a vertical shaft impact crusher

In a horizontal crusher, the rock enters from one side or the top and reaches the ram at a point running at the maximum peripheral speed. When the impact of the ram and the impact on the crusher rod are combined, the rock is broken, This gives a large shock load to the material. The crusher discharge area can be equipped with a grille or exposed, and the peripheral speed of the hammer generally does not exceed 120 feet per second. Another feature is that auxiliary crushing is generally required for a certain amount of bulk materials.

In vertical shaft impact crushers, the peripheral speed of the impeller, or rotor, typically starts at about 145 feet per second, and in some cases can be as high as 330 feet per second. Even small-sized materials fed to the crusher can be effectively crushed. After the material is fed to the center point of the impeller or rotor of the crusher, it is gradually accelerated, thus avoiding the initial impact load unique to the horizontal impact crusher. The vertical shaft impact crusher has no ram, the discharge area is always open, and no grille is used.

The main purpose of vertical shaft impact crusher?

A photo of a vertical shaft impact crusher

Artificial sand making of pebbles, mountain stones (limestone, granite, basalt, andesite), ore tailings, and stone chips.

Production of building aggregates, road fabrics, bedding materials, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregates.

Production of machine-made sand and stone shaping for water conservancy and hydropower, high-grade highways, expressways, high-speed railways, bridges, airport runways, municipal engineering, and high-rise buildings in the engineering field.

The fine crushing process before grinding in the mining field, and the material crushing in the industries of building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, refractory materials, cement, and abrasives.

High abrasiveness and secondary disintegration crushing, thermal power, metallurgical industry desulfurization, steel slag, construction waste crushing these environmental protection projects.

Production of glass, quartz sand and other high-purity materials.

What are the working characteristics of vertical shaft impact crusher?

A photo of a vertical shaft impact crusher
  • Simple structure and low cost
  • High efficiency and energy saving, high crushing efficiency
  • With fine and coarse grinding functions
  • Strong ability to pass through non-crushing materials, less affected by material moisture
  • Can crush medium-hard and extra-hard materials
  • The product is in the form of a cube, with little iron pollution
  • The material self-lining in the impeller and the vortex crushing cavity greatly reduces the cost of wear parts and maintenance work
  • Easy to operate, maintain and install
  • Low working noise
  • Light weight, various installation methods, and the characteristics of movable installation
  • Widely used to replace roller mills and ball mills
  • Novel and unique structure, stable operation
  • Low energy consumption, high output and large crushing ratio
  • The equipment is small in size, easy to operate, easy to install and maintain
  • It has the function of shaping, the product is cubic, and the packing density is large.
  • During the production process, the stone can form a protective bottom layer, the body wear is less, and the machine is durable
  • Wear parts are made of special materials, small size, light weight, easy to replace accessories

Technical characteristics of vertical shaft impact crusher?

A photo of a vertical shaft impact crusher
  • High crushing efficiency, with fine crushing and coarse grinding functions
  • Simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low operating cost
  • The ability to pass non-crushing materials is strong, and it is less affected by the moisture content of the materials
  • The product has excellent particle shape, is cubic, and the content of needle flakes is extremely low, suitable for aggregate shaping, artificial sand making and advanced highway aggregate production
  • The product has high bulk density and minimal iron pollution
A photo of a vertical shaft impact crusher

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