What is a double roll crusher

Double roll crusher is a common crushing machine, which is widely used in mineral processing, chemical industry, cement and refractory industries. This article mainly introduces the double roll crusher, hoping to help everyone.

double roll crusher

What is a double roll crusher?

double roll crusher

The double roll crusher is a machine that can be crushed according to the characteristics of various materials. According to the hardness of the crushed materials, it is divided into materials suitable for high hardness, medium hardness and soft materials; and according to the way of crushing stones. For fixed and mobile types, the specifications of the finished materials processed by double-roller crushers of different specifications are also different.

At the same time, the double-roller crusher can also be used as a primary crushing crusher with a large crushing ratio. The primary crushing process is completed through the impact of the hammer on the stone. The crusher has a deep feeding port, a large crushing ratio, and the function of stone shaping. The crushed material has uniform particle size, less stone powder content, and the design of no grating bar at the bottom of the screen, so that the particle size can be controlled by adjusting the gap between the rotor and the blow bar.

What is the purpose of double roll crusher?

double roll crusher

Double roll crusher can be used for crushing and material selection of ores below medium and high hardness in industrial sectors such as mineral processing, chemical industry, cement, refractory materials, abrasives, and building materials. Especially in the refractory and mining industries, twin-roll crushers are more suitable than general crushing machines. In recent years, they have also been widely used in industries such as crushing steel sand.

How does a double roll crusher work?

double roll crusher

The double roll crusher is mainly composed of rollers, roller support bearings, pressing, adjusting devices and driving devices. Install a wedge or shim adjusting device between the two rollers, so install an adjusting bolt in front of the wedge to adjust the fineness of the device material. That is, when the adjusting bolt pulls the chock, the chock will leave the fixed control panel.

In other words, if the distance between the two rollers is increased, and the particle size of the material is larger, when the wedge moves down, the distance between the two wheels of the driving roller is smaller, and according to the spring, the discharged The particle size is smaller. Fillers adjust the size of the discharged particles by increasing or decreasing the number and thickness of the filler sheets. Increasing the spacer bar will increase the spacing between the two rollers, decreasing the spacing will decrease the spacing between the two rollers and reduce the size of the discharged particles.

The main parts of the double roll crusher?

double roll crusher

Crushing roll

It is two oppositely rotating rollers installed in parallel on the horizontal axis, which is the main working mechanism of the machine. The bearing of one of the rollers is movable, and the bearing of the other roller is fixed. The crushing roller is composed of a shaft, a hub and a roller skin. The roller shafts are fitted together by hubs with conical surfaces, and the roller skins are fixed on the hubs.

With the help of three conical arc irons, they are fixed together with bolts and nuts. Because the roller skin is in direct contact with the ore, it needs to be replaced frequently, and it is generally made of high manganese steel with good wear resistance or some other special alloys.

Adjustment device

The adjustment device is used to adjust the size of the gap between the two crushing rollers. It is adjusted by increasing or reducing the number of gaskets between the two roller bearings, or using the turbine adjustment mechanism to control the particle size of the crushed product.

Spring safety device

This is a very important part of the double roll crusher, and the degree of spring tightness has a particularly important effect on the normal operation of the machine and overload protection. When the machine is working normally, the pressure of the spring can balance the force generated between the two rollers, so as to maintain the gap between the ore discharge port and make the product particle size uniform.

When the machine enters non-broken objects, the spring should be compressed, forcing the movable crushing roller to move laterally, and the width of the ore discharge port will increase to ensure that the machine will not be damaged. After being discharged from the machine, the spring returns to its original state and the machine continues to work. During the working process of the machine, the insurance spring is always in a vibrating state, so the spring is easily fatigued and damaged, so it must be checked frequently and replaced regularly.


The motor drives the two crushing rollers to rotate in opposite directions through the V-belt and a pair of long-toothed gears. The gear is a special standard long tooth. When the machine enters non-broken objects, the distance between the two rollers will change, and the long tooth gear can still work normally.


The frame is generally made of cast iron, and can also be welded or connected by rivets. The frame structure must be strong.

What are the main advantages of twin roll crushers?

double roll crusher

High energy-saving efficiency due to two drives of the machine

The double roller crusher adopts double rollers for crushing, and the two rollers work in the same pitch. Compared with the traditional crusher, the crushing capacity is high, the production efficiency is higher, and the unit volume can reach more than 2 times that of the traditional crusher. Moreover, the single and double machines can be adjusted and turned on according to the actual situation. When the feed is small, the single machine is turned on, and when the feed is large, the double machines are turned on, which is more flexible in energy saving.

The machine runs smoothly and works well

The double-roll crusher adopts a unique eccentric bearing structure design, so that there is no need to adjust the pressure gauge during the operation of the whole machine, which makes the machine equipment run more smoothly and can meet the processing requirements of various materials.

The machines can be combined flexibly, one machine with multiple functions

The double roll crusher is equipped with different tooth shapes, which can be adjusted according to the actual operation to achieve the best processing effect. Moreover, each tooth shape corresponds to a product particle size, and the product particle size can be adjusted by changing the tooth shape without replacing the crusher, so that one machine can be used for multiple purposes and reduce investment.

The design of the double roll crusher is ingenious and reliable

The double roll crusher adopts a simple structural design, and it is very ingenious, which can reduce the noise generated by the equipment during work, form a good working rhythm during work, and greatly improve production efficiency. In addition, the machine can also be used in combination with other machinery to achieve better crushing effect.

Double roll crusher has less environmental pollution

Another advantage of the double roll crusher is that it has a dust-proof plate inside, which can well avoid environmental pollution caused by splashing of fine materials during operation, and at the same time, it will not block the machine due to impurities generated by the materials.

Optimization and improvement of double roll crusher?

double roll crusher

The power input shaft of the double-roll crusher is connected to the power source through a gear coupling, a hydraulic coupling and a hardened gear reducer; the hydraulic coupling and the gear coupling are respectively installed on the outdoor base of the crusher. Inside the protective cover.

The two ends of the roller shaft of the double-roll crusher structure extend out of the crushing cavity respectively, and are connected with the rolling bearing installed in the bearing seat of the base.

Under the premise of inheriting the strong crushing force, the improved double-roll crusher can prevent the crushed materials in the crushing chamber from entering the supporting bearing cavity, greatly reduce the maintenance amount and operating cost, and improve the working reliability of the double-roll crusher.

double roll crusher

This is the whole introduction to the double roll crusher in this article, I hope it can help everyone. If you still have questions and want to consult, you can leave a comment below the article, and we will reply to everyone’s comments and messages one by one. At the same time, there are other excellent articles on our website, welcome to browse.

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