Why Is NFLG Dry Mortar Mixing Plant So Popular?

Hebei Jianggong New Construction Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, located in Xiong’an New Area, Hebei, formerly known as Beijing Meitu Bibei Construction Materiel Co., Ltd. The company is mainly engaged in waterproof materials, lightweight building materials, water-based coatings, etc. In 2018, Hebei Jianggong proposed to build a new dry mortar putty production line with an annual capacity of 400,000 tons. When purchasing production equipment, Hebei Jianggong made detailed checks on equipment and brands. After many comparisons, NFLG special mortar production line was finally chosen because of its high-end configuration, reliable overall software system, low failure rate, and professional and efficient after-sales service team.

At present, Hebei Jianggong has 2 sets of FBT9000 NFLG dry mortar production line, which are designed and operated with the concept of environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, and intelligent manufacturing. It has the advantages of high production efficiency, long service life and green production. The annual production capacity is expected to be 400,000 tons of gypsum-based wall finishing environmental products. After the completion of the project, it will contribute to the upgrading of local new material industry and the achievement of national strategy of ” Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality  “.

NFLG has long been invested in the R&D and manufacturing of dry mortar mixing plant, and has provided a series of quality services for well-known mortar manufacturers at home and abroad. With sufficient practical application construction experience, NFLG can provide customized and specialized quality services for Hebei Jianggong. Customers say that NFLG dry mortar production line with extremely high environmental protection standard enables customers to make more reasonable planning of material yard and production plant. The equipment operates stably with high output, which enables to better control the quality and cost of finished products.

NFLG mortar production line adopts classic tower structure design. From feeding, storage, metering, mixing to packaging and palletizing, the modular design is combined to form mortar and putty production lines with an hourly capacity of 60t and 50t respectively.

In order to meet the needs of customers for 10 kinds of main materials and 7-10 kinds of admixtures, In the feeding part, NFLG adopts: hoist feeding (dry sand), ton bag pneumatic conveying (powder), tanker pneumatic conveying (powder), low pressure pneumatic conveying (vitrified microbeads) and freight elevator lifting (additives), which is convenient and humanized in operation, safe and environmental protection and low breakage rate.

Tower type structure design makes the metering-feeding-mixing process arrangement after raw material storage compact and reasonable, which is simple in process, smooth in production and easy to maintain. With precise metering control, high efficiency and energy-saving mixing, and quick discharge without residue, it ensures the stability of product quality.

The customer said that NFLG’s mixer is both efficient and energy-saving. The use of advanced plow type mixer can effectively reduce energy consumption by 25%, and the mixing ratio is as high as 1:10000. With unique large door structure, it achieves no residue, no dead zone and no leakage of material for discharging, and the formula can be changed with simple cleaning or without cleaning.

Besides, intelligent control technology in the plant is applied to the whole production line. The production line is managed through an intelligent electrical control system, which is unified and controlled by central control room with no button control interface, easily realizing automatic data management and real-time fault diagnosis. Through a series of advanced technologies applied in information management, intelligent control and clean production, Hebei Jianggong successfully creates a technology-based demonstration line with high quality, high performance, low cost and high efficiency of ready-mixed mortar, and promotes the industrial upgrading and sustainable development of ready-mixed mortar.

As a new energy-saving and environmentally friendly material in the field of building materials, dry-mixed mortar has the advantages of scientific formula, precise measurement, large-scale automatic production, high mixing uniformity, strict screening and monitoring of raw materials, reliable and stable quality, which brings qualitative improvement to the construction quality. The customer said that NFLG’s environmental protection dry mortar production line is especially labor-saving and can save more labor cost than traditional mortar production line. The production capacity can be guaranteed, especially in peak production season, it can keep up with project progress and complete project construction with quality and quantity.

In the highly competitive coating industry, Hebei Jianggong introduced advanced environmental protection packaging equipment from Germany, and constantly joined technological innovation content and other measures, so that the company’s development has steadily advanced. At present, the annual output value of Hebei Jianggong is nearly 100 million CNY. The sales network of the products spreads all over the country and have been well received.

NFLG dry mortar mixing plant adopts new environmental protection and energy-saving technology and fully automatic control technology to produce environmental ready-mixed mortar products, which adapts to the trend and requirements of environmental development and consumption and solves the problems of dust pollution and inaccurate and unscientific parameter control caused by traditional mortar on-site mixing. NFLG dry mortar mixing plant not only ensures that the environmental protection of production process reaches international advanced level in the same industry, but also ensures the stability and superiority of product quality.  With the production of Hebei Jianggong dry mortar project, it will boost the industrial transformation and upgrading, and will definitely play a positive role in integrating into the synergistic development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and guaranteeing the construction of Xiong’an New Area.

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